hiya iam rainbowstar.

i sucks at this sort of thing soooo yee.@.@ i came here to this site because i was tired of being harassed and the other sites never seemed to have real info other than races and and a short repeat of normal online info. as far as my research has gone i found out my physical body has a family history of having dragon/ draco DNA. possibly Nordic or palidaen not sure yet as i have German/Norwegian blood as well. my grandfather was stationed in Antarctica for some time. ( he never talked about it other than mentioning it) when i was a child my human mother told me of a legend in our family of having dragon guardians. every person is born with a dragon or knight to protect them. i have seen some of my human family members guardians so i believe it.

my whole life i knew i was not normal at a young age..i remember a event at 6 months of age after finding a photo and telling my human mom what happen she was speechless. i remember my first birthday as well it was the fist time i was introduced to fire. its known in my family to have abilities mainly future visions, emphatic, seeing ghosts and other creatures, psychic abilities, telepathic, all the females have night mares on the full moon in tell we are 12 years old.( i have no idea why ) once our family turns 12 we lose most of our abilities mainly do to family forcing us to abandon these abilities and not nurture them.:( i never truly lost all mine even though they took exstream measures to try. for some reason i had more than most of my family members. i have walked threw a solid door as a kid trying to reach for the locked handle. i had a eye witness as my next door neighbor was ironically watering his lawn and saw this. few hours later i had the church at our door. they sat me down and put some sort of oil on me and water with innocence and made me eat some round bread thing. they took the incense all over the house as well. later in life i told my friend and he said they did a mild exsersism on me and blessed the house. when i was teen i had the ability to move thins with my mind i stopped do my human mom found out and i got disciplined greatly.i stopped for many years. working in secret and trying to keep all the things while still acting normal as i could was hard. iam just now starting to get back in the swing of things as my abilities have snapped back awake and some are uncontrollable..

during my awaking i realized that the DNA from my dragon soul is different from my physical dna and i have unlocked more abilities that i did not have as a young girl. i geuss i was lucky to have draco dragon dna and have my soul of a dragon. the transition is still hard though. i remember some of my past lives and one of my et past lives as well. i dont look at the sky much do to depression of wanting to go home. looking back as a kid looking at the sky and telling my human mom i want to go home now makes sense.i still have not found anyone of my 2 races that i am on this planet..iam a half bread. looking forward to learning about many races and cultures :)

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First <3

yeay!!! :3 fist friend tooz lol

<3 because im badass like that

yee :3

You know theres a reason youre here and a mission, so dont give up yet.
You could get them to come cntact you etc to take the longing.
Those things you mention wouldnt be something we raised eyebrows about in atlantis, there it was pretty normal at least among the high priestess society i was in. Its just simply abilites of the mind. Its normal. Youve unlocked more of the mind than a normal functioning human and some have more in that respect as you know. Yes walking through doors is all about frequencies. Its not just understood. I remember.

after taking the sacred geometry to a 7 level i understand much not tought here on earth. i realize the multiverse is nothing but frequency and tones. to a fenominal lvl it shapes all things.



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