Higher vibration is not equal to better and demon can have as high vibration as angel

The only difference is that, one works with constructive interference and another works with destructive. It is the law of this universe.

Sorry for the late update. Below is the point I want to make.

I am not creating a drama here. I make points that have sense.

One of the problem in modern spiritual movement is promoting the ideology of higher energy is better.

This ideology is very biased and not healthy at all. 

The first thing is, good and evil is equivalent to each other. 

Saying higher or bigger of something like vibration and frequency is good spiritual force is simply misleading. If you study physics or at least you get a glimpse by doing small amount of research. you should be abl to find out that it is just wave mechanics and there are things we called constructive and destructive interference. 

I do not create this idea that seems like demolishing new spiritual movement, but it is simply something physics has been known of. If you insist to label people being ignorant just because of using the CORRECT terms in physics stating something different to your spiritual knowledge, no, you are the one who ignored the fact that many new spiritual terms are borrowed from and only after the physics has nailed these terms.

It might seems to be opposing what has been promoted all the time by new spirituality online, but actually it is not wrong. 

Is stating that the forces of good and evil are equivalent of each other sounds false to you?

But it does make sense though.

When you are looking things in this way, then you will see how this is reflected in human history where the fighting between good and evil never really ended in a good shape.

One of the reason can be due to, simple because people want to believe that good forces should be better than evil. 

Is this really the truth?

Has this ideology is successing working out?


Because whenever the big change happened, after it is always accompanying with remaining problems that after time, become another big problem again. And the history repeats again by people attempting to do another big change in hope the evil force can be solve once since for all.


The only working way is by admitting good and evil is same position and moderate is the way.

You want to believe higher vibration is always being good? How about I use destructive interference that has same or even higher level of frequency superimposed of yours, in 90degree phase of leg, that will diminish all your station? 

If I am a demon, it is laughable to me to see people still believe that good force can never beat evil. That is simply not true. It is unhealthy and doing harm not just you, but all people around you. 

I am not here to promote darkness.I am not sided with demons.

I am only giving out the statement that things are moderate. 

I am only issuing the false spirituality that promote something biased and doing harm on people. This has to be stop. 

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Thank you for this post it is within my galactic view. Right, wrong, better, worse it is all the same creating our realities within which we may experience and thus reflect our experiences within the body (mind) if God in which infinite potential possibilities which yes includes caring aspects and perspectives so in the end not only do I as a individual but every other aspect of God knows and grows within itself.
I like the feeling of lower vibrations. I've met some demons who have very low vibrations. They felt good to me. I let them know that.
Lady Isis Mary

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