Many of us have special abilities to keep this site - ISN running smoothly.

I would request to use your special powers to heal it.

Begin with a 3 minute meditation with visualisation of a healthy ISN site as soon as you read this thread.

Let there be Peace. No arguments.

As the 6 celestial bodies are in retrograde we all are going through a phase of turmoil, from April 17 2016 till May 29th 2016 is the peak of this. We need to keep calm, and take no decisions.

Just enjoy the special-effects of the Solar System while you are from other star system.

Om Tat Sat

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I send the Violet Flame into the site ...and into all the net....

Creates the Infinite Upon All of the Site And It Extensions to raise it Spiritual vibration and assist resolving issue fully and exponentially in total absolute Infiniteness up until the infinite. 

For ISN: Love ~ Peace ~ Harmony ~ Wisdom ~ Kindness ~ Compassion ~ flow through in this Now.

Any disrupting or divisive energies dissolve Now. Any attachments of less than pure love dissolve now, in the Blue Flame of truth and protection, the White Flame of divine light, the Violet Flame of transformation.

An imperishable Golden Star born of the love, goodwill and appreciation of the many shines in the ISN hub, and radiates throughout the site and all interactions here, and ripples out throughout the world. 

And so it IS.  <3

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