I am Kim. I am not an entirely new member of the forum, but I have not posted in the introduction thread yet and have not met many of you yet so lets say I am new. :) 

I also do not know my soul origin as of yet, because not many starseeds seem to come from my home so I do not know my planet's name, but I do dream a lot about the planet and someone else from it who now lives on Earth too, hopefully.

Anyways, I am delighted to have found a forum of such precious souls. <3

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Most dragons I know are human shapeshifters they either give normal birth through the stomach or lay eggs I have laid like over 100 eggs. We love children so much that we have larger families.

ehhlo kim

i wish you best luck in finding that person and the answers you seek :)


Thank you, Felix! :)

   Hello Kim.

   Welcome and keep flying high.

   Beautiful things are unfolding.   : )

Hi, and welcome!

I am Kristy and I am also new here!

Sending you lots of Love and Light,


Welcome :-) peace and light :)



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