I am Kim. I am not an entirely new member of the forum, but I have not posted in the introduction thread yet and have not met many of you yet so lets say I am new. :) 

I also do not know my soul origin as of yet, because not many starseeds seem to come from my home so I do not know my planet's name, but I do dream a lot about the planet and someone else from it who now lives on Earth too, hopefully.

Anyways, I am delighted to have found a forum of such precious souls. <3

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ehhlo kim

i wish you best luck in finding that person and the answers you seek :)


Thank you, Felix! :)

   Hello Kim.

   Welcome and keep flying high.

   Beautiful things are unfolding.   : )

Hi, and welcome!

I am Kristy and I am also new here!

Sending you lots of Love and Light,


From what I've heard/read, there are many different species of humans. So it's seems possible that at least one species could have adapted to that type of environment. Whether this was done naturally via evolution or it was done by manually altering the DNA so the bodies would be able to handle such an environment.

Welcome :-) peace and light :)

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