I am Kim. I am not an entirely new member of the forum, but I have not posted in the introduction thread yet and have not met many of you yet so lets say I am new. :) 

I also do not know my soul origin as of yet, because not many starseeds seem to come from my home so I do not know my planet's name, but I do dream a lot about the planet and someone else from it who now lives on Earth too, hopefully.

Anyways, I am delighted to have found a forum of such precious souls. <3

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Welcome Kim

I hope that you will find your home here :)

Love and Blessings


Nice to meet you Kim, and good luck finding what you are looking for :)

@Rolf Joergensen

Thank you, Rolf! I believe I will find myself more at ease with you all. :)

@Cardiac Jack

I am delighted to meet your acquaintance, Cardiac! And thank you! :)

No problem.

And what is the planet like that you dream of out of interest?

I am glad you are interested. :)

The planet seems to be bigger, have a lighter gravitation, lots of whirlwinds and we have three suns so the sunrises and sunsets are super long. Its inhabitants have bigger physical bodies to fly with the winds and the civilization I encountered has respect for all individuals. The temperature where I usually am is warmer than it is here in Norway.

Where are you from?

That sounds nice :)  I hope you find out more about it!

If you mean where am I from in this world then the answer is England, but if you mean soul origin then I am also still searching for that myself too.

I just wondered about your planet because I seem to come across a few when astral projecting or lucid dreaming myself and was wondering if it would be familiar...  But unfortunately I don't remember coming across anywhere whirlwindy and with large physical beings like you describe.


Uzaril is a three-star solar system. It is very unique, because it is the only solar system in the entire universe with three suns. (Scientists have discovered many such star systems but I prefer not to change it)
Galaxy: Osyrea
Number Of Planets: 8
Species: Avara, Lyzra, Septar, Elyym, Tiri, Saragoi, Julaju, Coneactu, Human, Yusu
Political System(s): Democrazy, Dictatorship, Capitalism, Anarchism, Republic, Communism, Syndicalism, Global Freedom
Biggest Planet (Population): Linernaon
Bigggest Planet (Size): Linernaon
A gas giant located in the Uzaril system. Unlike Entlinity and other planets, gas giants have no solid surface, and cannot sustain life.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: 0
Native Species: None
Alien Species: None
Moon(s): Ara, Lyn, Agratha, Iirh, Thri
Tallest Mountain: None
Continents: None
Political System(s): None
Neonica is a huge planet where several species lives. It is one of the largest planets in the entire solar system.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 40 Billion
Native Species: Coneactu, Human, Yusu
Alien Species: Avara, Lyzra, Septar, Elyym, Tiri, Saragoi, Julaju
Moon(s): Sarfox, Kulim, Osajgha
Tallest Mountain: Skythorn, 7352 meters tall
Continents: 35
Political System(s): Capitalism, Communism, Anarchism, Democrazy
Titano is a Coneactean planet. Its name means "Warrior" on the Coneactean language.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 3 Billion
Native Species: Coneactu
Alien Species: Human, Avara
Moon(s): Quirga, Mu
Tallest Mountain: Mount Nalantiz, 12456 meters tall
Continents: 12
Political System(s): Democrazy, Anarchism, Republic
Virtega is a very unique planet. Its skies have a lot of different colours, and so is the water and the surface.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 500 Million
Native Species: Avara
Alien Species: Julaju
Moon(s): Ir, Ura, Dela, Yu, Alfax
Tallest Mountain: Isilcu
Continents: 5
Political System(s): Communism, Democrazy 
Entlinity, the first planet of The Mortal Realm. Aqweo and Ylisia made it together, before Aqweo fell into darkness. 
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 15 Billion
Native Species: Human
Alien Species: Avara, Coneactu, Lyzra
Moon(s): Xenelis, Yzek
Tallest Mountain: Mount Egura, 11376 meters tall.
Continents: 15
Political Systems(s): Global Freedom.
Ashariel is a remote planet located next to Titano. A remote planet is a planet with no flora or water. Over time, people have learned how to sustain life on remote planets by using advanced biotechnology.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 1 Billion
Native Species: None
Alien Species: Human, Coneactu
Moon(s): Celetynia, Konak
Tallest Mountain: Sharpdagger, 1056 meters tall
Continents: None
Political Systems(s): Republic
Saga is a small exotic planet located near Virtega. It has some continents, but most of the planet is covered with oceans.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 3 Billion
Native Species: Avara
Alien Species: Human, Julaju
Moon(s): Kirz, Uty, Nahila
Tallest Mountain: Everpure, 4507 meters tall
Continents: 6
Political Systems(s): Democrazy
Linernaon is a heavy populated planet is the most industrial world in the entire solar system.
Solar System: Uzaril
Galaxy: Osyrea
Population: Ca 50 Billion
Native Species: Coneactu, Human
Alien Species: Julaju, Avara, Lyzra
Moon(s): Tarilia, Conay, Etyril
Tallest Mountain: Skymaster Mountain, 14598 meters tall
Continents: 27
Political Systems(s): Capitalism, Democrazy, Anarchism, Syndicalism
50 billion ? Wow I guess people love producing there. Being draco I am fascinated with planets with larger population. I thought the universe was 50 - 100 billion

Astral projection and lucid dreaming are very renewing and helps me feel more alive so it is super fun, unless one has sleeping paralysis. Haha.

How is your home?

Woah! Thank you for taking your time and informing me about this list of planets that might be possibly familiar to me. :0 That is charitable.

Yet I wonder how humans would be able to be native species of another planet when it was confirmed we originated from the earlier apes. Besides living on another planet could cause a dangerous reaction in the earthling's body. An earthling could not withstand its enviroment that was not designed for them roam. I believe alien's technology could be able to keep an eartling alive, but that would be a challenge since they are allowed to reveal too much. But this is something I cannot confirm since I did not write this and do not find those planets familiar. Humans could not live on y Home, because the wind forces would tear them apart and the gravitation is too light for the their small and muscular fiures. They would basically be drowning in thin air unless they lived in our ships.

Anyways! How is your home, Rocky? :)

50 billion is a lot indeed! Haha!

And how is it in Draco? :)

Most dragons I know are human shapeshifters they either give normal birth through the stomach or lay eggs I have laid like over 100 eggs. We love children so much that we have larger families.

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