Hello all.  I am new here.  I am just looking for a little community, a place where others are experiencing similar things in these wonderfully turbulent times.

I am a Sirian Blue Ray.  In my earthly work, I am a physicist, engineer, inventor, although I am highly guided by intuition, and I view science as a performing art.  However, over the last 18 months, everything in my psyche has become inverted and I can barely function within my profession any longer.  This process seems to be accelerating.

I look forward to many lively interactions.

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Welcome to you Drake.  I am always grateful to those in the sciences.  I am in behavioral health care so it's nice to hear other perspectives on things.  I am sure you will find a wonderful community here, I know I have.  I know where you are coming from with the psyche issues, which is why it is good we have this site and the others on it.  Love and positive energy to you!


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