Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.

This should be fun.

If you want a reading comment below.

Shanti Joy

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Could I have a reading please?

Thank you


Your message from archangel Raphael is that you really should change your diet. Find out what suits your body and energy. You also need a detox.

You need more laughter into your life. You have every right to be bubbly happy every day. Find small joys that lights up your day. Laughing at things and with people helps you detach from the egos drama.

Shanti Joy

Help understanding current 1-4th chakra energy


The message I get from archangel Rachel is that your energy system longs for a more natural way of living in balance with nature. More organic way of living. You are becoming more sensitive towards unnatural living, processed foodschemical, radiation, elcetricity and spend too little time in nature, and do not get enough bodily movement.

In your heart there is a question about forgiveness. Forgiveness heals. There is some energy trapped that will become unlocked if you go trough the process of forgiveness of yourself and others.

He also suggest you need more mediation

Shanti Joyb

Hey Joy,
My diet does fluctuate!
thank you! * <3 *

I would like one too. Thanks in advance :)

Hey karusha

For your health archangel Raphael says you need to check the quality of your water. Don't drink bottled water and purify your tap water to take away fluoride. You also seem to have some inflammatory reactions to foods that you eat. Avoid gluten milk and soy white sugar eggs ( organic locally framed is okey) food additives and food colors. This will help your body's natural healing ability to start functioning better. Also enhance your own healing gifts.

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy

Can i get another reading:)?


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