Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.

This should be fun.

If you want a reading comment below.

Shanti Joy

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Hey Emily

For your health archangel Raphael says that right now you would benefit from fresh air. If you are smoking atop, keep the windows open while you sleep. Don't use chemicals for cleaning like sprays and so on. Take walks outside also is good.

Also the qualities of your relationship is very important for your wellbeing. Make sure your relationships are balanced and that the people you engage with don't throw their negativity onto you, also work try and balance the interactions so that you don't let just anyone into your space. Keep yourself with people that lift you up and inspire you.

Shanti Joy

I would love a reading. Thanks!

Hey Violet

You are encouraged to work with energy healing yourself. You have a skill for energy healing. Ask Rapahel to help you find in what way you best can use your gifts.

Shanti Joy

Wow Joy! Thanks for doing this one aswell!

If you need more practise , I can use some help :)

Thanks again, I love these. Best of luck to you <3

Hey Kjell

For your health archangel Raphael says you need to work on two qualities,

And humor

You ask for help but also you have some worries. This tendency to worry creates a heavy energy around you that makes it hard to attract the best possible outcomes to your problems and challenges.

Restore faith trough prayer and make sure your heart gets connected.
Humor and laughter breakes the heavy energy and opens up to creative energy.

This will reconnect you to your inner child's imagination and invite miracles into your life as a natural consequence.

Shanti Joy

Thank you so much Joy <3

I always love your readings ^^

Hey Joy, if it`s not too much trouble, I`d like a health reading please


Archangel Raphael says you lymphatic system needs some attendance. Drink more water, good quality pure water and get a massage or find some way to give it to yourself. This will give you more energy and help release what emotions and things you might pick up from others.

Shanti Joy
You're readings are always pleasant. Ill have one please.

I would like one, having some issues at the moment and could use a little clarity / advice. Thank you Joy :)

Hi Joy, 
I'd love to have a reading. Thank you!



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