Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.

This should be fun.

If you want a reading comment below.

Shanti Joy

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Hey Living light

Your message from Archange Raphael is to start using your healing talents and abilities, you are here to open up to allow mircales to happen. Miracles can happen are you are to help restore faith in the healing power of the angels. 

Work with reiki or hands on any style with crystals and prayer.

If you knowsomebody att all that is ill, this is a Calling for you to help this person to heal. 

Shanti Joy

Hey Jojo

Your message form Archagel Raphael concerning your health is to get a massage, this will help to detoxify your body at this moment very beneficial. if you wish extra healing you can call Archangel Raphael during the treatment.

Shanti Joy

Hey Jace

Your message from Archangel Raphael on how you can imrove your health is

1. stop drinking caffeine

2. look to an alternative medicinal practitioner to increase your energy and vitality, life force. See energy healing or ayurvedic shirodhara. 

It is your nervous system you need to work on balancing, hence no coffea. 

Ask raphael to help guide you to your best treatments. 

Shanti Joy

Hey Luciana

Your message from Archangel Raphael is to get a massage. This will help you to recover your health. Your health is on a path of positive improvement. Now get rid of the tension in your body to allow the energy to flow better. 

Shanti Joy 

Hey Jap 

Your message from Archangel Rapahel to do some yoga. Or other form of stretching you would prefer. This will help you rid you of unconsciously stored negative energy.  

Also switch to organic food.

Shanti Joy

Hey Tania

What you need to do to improve your health is to meditate. This will help you to restore the quality of faith in you. A quality you need in ordre to live a much happier life. This is also a qaulity you are suppose to share with others on your soul mission.

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy,
Thanks for offering your services to all of us here :) I would love to have one too, thanks again! :) 

I would like a Reading, thank you so much!

Me please.  I am just starting to figure out I help heal through tarot, and my BF is supposedly a shaman. Thank you!

Thank you, Joy........I do Reiki, so I will work with it more and also work with the angels more..... expecting miracles every day......

Always a pleasure to have a reading by you
Hey Isabella

The advice for you is to switch to organic foods and organic products. It is to strengthen your relationship to Mother Earth.

Shanti Joy

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