Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.

This should be fun.

If you want a reading comment below.

Shanti Joy

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Hi Joy!
Thank you for the message!
It ressonates!:)
Me too, Joy :) Thank you so much :) <3

Hey Jap 

Your message from Archangel Rapahel to do some yoga. Or other form of stretching you would prefer. This will help you rid you of unconsciously stored negative energy.  

Also switch to organic food.

Shanti Joy

Hello Joy,

I would appreciate a reading, please :)

Thank you so much!

Hey Tania

What you need to do to improve your health is to meditate. This will help you to restore the quality of faith in you. A quality you need in ordre to live a much happier life. This is also a qaulity you are suppose to share with others on your soul mission.

Shanti Joy

I would also love one. :)

Thank you for offering your services. :)

Hey Isabella

The advice for you is to switch to organic foods and organic products. It is to strengthen your relationship to Mother Earth.

Shanti Joy
Hey Laura

Achangel Raphael says for you to work on your health working on your relationships is important for you. You are to honor and trust your feelings and learn to express your own opinions and not compromise where you give into things that doeat honor you. It is important for your inner child to feel it has self respect. It is stomach and boundaries.

Shanti Joy

Aw thanks Joy. This definitely applies to me, thanks! :)

OK i'd like one :)

Hey Dorina

Archangel Raphal wants you to know that you have been mistreated regarding your health problems, also psychological ones. You are better of looking for a second opinion of someone else. Ask for Raphal helps to guide you to a healer that actually help you with your issues.

Shanti Joy

hmm ok interesting.... im not diagnosed with anything so im not sure what problems even are there :D



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