Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.

This should be fun.

If you want a reading comment below.

Shanti Joy

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I would very much like one, Joy. Thank you greatly
Hey Abby

Jesus wishes to work with you through prayer. He will help your healing.

Also take a look at the quality of water you are drinking. You might need to get a filter and get detoxified with pure water. The water you are drinking now is disturbing your water balance inside your body and hence the chemical reactions get disturbed and so the hormones is disturbed.

Shanti Joy
I would like a reading...please and thank you.
Hey Shelley

Where you are living now is detrimental to your health. You need more forest.

It seems you have some food allergies and intolerances. It is recommended you meet someone who has more knowledge then you and take a consultation to learn to eat better.

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy, can I have a message :) <3 I will be happy to do an exchange for you


Stay away from coffee and tea. No caffeine for you. You can easily overexert yourself when you drink coffee. You need more rest.

Archangel Raphael is open to helping you if you ask him.

Shanti Joyb

I am having a lot of tea. You are right, got to stop caffeine, thank you :)

Hey yes I was torn there tea or coffea. I woyld also love a message from you.

Shanti Joy

Joy , the message I get for you is Kuan Yin. Compassion. I feel this card asks for you to have more compassion for yourself and others too. I feel you just underwent a process and there was a completion, now it is time to open the heart there, beginning to balance a bit of purple energy for you. I feel purple color comes through the aura. so let your aura shine and bring in loving energies by opening the heart. Bring more compassion for self to heal fully. 

Advice. Heart chakra. Again like the earlier message, I feel open your heart to re balance your energy and have more love , compassion and patience for yourself. This will ease your mind for the highest good.

Use your natural Healing abilities. Use healing gifts on self and others, especially others, could be small animals or others who are in suffering and pain. This will heal you in return and ease you as well. Use your gifts to open the more and seek angelic guidance for yourself.

I hope this resonates somehow. blessings <3 :) ^_^

Hey Joy!

Again I would love to take one!

Take care and be blessed!


You get a strong message right now to detox. Also all type of drugs are to be avoided.

You can balance this matter trough laughing more and doing light things that entertain you.

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy, can I have another of your reading please? Thank you so much! :)



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