I ran into a man on the street today, his name is Carlos Davis. He has had a very rough life starting with being fed drain-o by his father when he was 18 months old. This poor fellow is in desperate need of healing from anyone who is loving enough to care for a stranger they never met. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him which I intend to do but if anyone would like to help by sending LOVE AND LIGHT to this man it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and blessings to all of you! ONE LOVE!

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I am sending healing and loving light directly to him now, please let him know that he is not alone and we love him. Namaste Lee

It's still in my heart, and my heart send him love and caress. Try, if you have conditions, to take him to any nearest practiser of the Reconnective Healing. Drop me a message and I can help you how to meet one. 



Sending Carlos healing light and love in my meditation and prayer today. Love is all there is. <3

Goodness poor man :( Hopefully we can help turn his life around with healing energy :)  I'll send him a bunch of positive, healing vibes.  Thank you for putting this up, it's very kind of you <3 It warms my heart to see someone care so much for someone who is a stranger!! <3 :) Light and love <3

Carlos has been added to my prayer basket and will get a daily charge of golden /white energy for the next seven days.  Nice post :) LoVeX

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