Hi all, some of you might have read my previous discussion, and if you do go ahead to that link, do read the replies.

Because of that experience I am still feeling some trauma and it is seemingly challenging for me to feel safe, without a constant convincing of this in my mind. There is unnecessary worry, and I am receiving message upon message of 44 and 444 404 41 from the higher realms, and even so I feel because of the perceived trauma of that experience, and because of the constant focus to the point of not being able to sleep, it is slow to let go of, I need closure from this, please. I need to get in the rythmn of feeling safe again.

I don't know if you can send distance healing energies, blessing, or even receive a message from asking one of your own guides about the truth of my situation, or just advice, please help.

Thank you.

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I also want to add that sometimes there is a dense clump of energy in the back of my mind, from what I can tell on the right side. I am not sure what this is, but likely unnessecary fear energies.

Lately it takes me a lot of focus and intention to trust the messages I am receiving to be able to fall asleep not afraid.

Have you heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Also try 'subliminal remove attachments, spells, hexes' videos on youtube.

Yes, I've always listened to sound healing frequencies,  I am listening to some right now and they are helping. 

EFT as in the tapping technique?

I am going to have a look at your previous thread and i will sit down tonight and do some distant healing for you (in a bout 9 hours from the timw of this message, so if you can rest or reduce heavy activity at that time, that would be helpful)
I will PM you if anything comes up.
I also reccomend EFT. I have a friend that did log distance eft with me and it hlped me with a few anxieties that were really disrupting my life.
Thank you so much Lauren! I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down and do this for me, thank you.

PM me when you are sending the healing energies, so I can make myself open for you.

It has been a very rough January for me. Because I have to go to school, sooner or later my grades will start dropping and ((my parents will not be happy about that)) so I truly appreciate you doing this for me, thank you again Lauren.

I am unfamiliar with EFT, could you explain it to me since you have personal experience?

EFT seems so simple, you can look up a video and get an idea of what it looks like.

You just tap 5 major pressure points while saying out loud to yourself:

"Even though I am experiencing _______ I deeply and completely love myself".

Tap lightly with your fingertips: between the eyebrows, at the temples, just under your nose, the junction of your collarbone, your pec muscles just above your boobs.

People around the world swear by it. You can even tap for someone else remotely. 

Okay, just got home and am now in a restful state, and am definitely receiving some healing energies, which I am feeling are in fact from you.

Just replied to your message through PM, Thank you Lauren :)

Glad to hear it :) dont worry too much about the time difference though, you are still receptive. Glad you feel better.



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