Has your Starseed FREE WILL ever been violated??? By doctors, forced medication, forced hospitalization, etc?


Hi everyONE <3 <3 <3

I am psychic since my childhood, but always had to hide it (I have grown up in the Soviet Union, Kiew, Ukraine). I have had a series of INTENSE awakenings through the past 2 years. They've been severely interrupted by my family as in the middle of my "wave" they have put me to a mental hospital with diagnosis "bipolar/manic-depressive", AGAINST MY WILL, where I was kept me for 3 (!) months, as I refused to take prescribed pharmaceutical medication (knowing it would affect the synapses of my brain and pause or even stop my ascension).

Due to the medication which I finally had to take - otherwise they wouldn't've let me out there - my ascending was indeed slowed down... It has basically broken off and regressed, so I had to start over again.

That very traumatic experience of being incarcerated and mentally raped has given me a lot to think about, as I always was a VERY FREE SPIRIT (esp. with the Sovjet Union childhood background and my severe allergy against ANYTHING that violates the FREE WILL of a being). This was the very first time I got locked in and was kept in an energetically draining surrounding I couldn't escape (just think of all the posessed people in there suffering from "scizophrenia"), where they tried to bend or break my Free Will. Just because I've exaggerated with spiritual excercises and had the euphoric impression, that we are already there, that the 2012 5D has arrived and I can tell anyone FREEly that I'm an Angel and they are, too :)))

Has anyone experienced anything resembling because of the misunderstood Starseed traits of character, being "different" or ascension symptoms? Doctor's diagnosis of being bipolar, ADD, ADHD, autistic? Forced medication? Pressure from the side of the family or partner to get "normal" and to "fit in"? Pressure from the side of the employer?

My story and stories of other Starseeds s often remind me of my Inquisition trauma, so I'm most determined to not let Our being different be stygmatized and turned against us AGAIN!!! It's a GIFT, not a WEAKNESS and certainly not an illness.


I would love to hear from you all as that would help us to share and heal each other. Often these things cause severe PTSD in Our sensitive Beings which get supressed, often over years, because of shame and false guilt and get never dealt with...

I *SIRIUS*ly *SIRIUS* - we should speak up to each other, so that these things HAPPEN NEVER AGAIN.


I LOVE YOU ALL IMMEASURABLY, beloved brothers and sisters <3 <3 <3 Very very very proud of you!!! :)))

HUGS and gentle NUDGES, your Sera





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Oh dear... My parents also have forced me to take medication. My diagnosis was *bipolar ultra rapid cycling*. 
Write to me in pm, if you want exchange and support, dear love.

Calleu said:

Yes I have and am, from when I was 8 I was dignosed with ADHD and dyslexia, and out on multiple medications for "ADHD" I refused to take them starting November 2011. Skip to this past year and I have been in therapy for anxiety and been to the psychologist multiple times in which my mother insists I'm manic depressive and depressed and need to be on medication. Due to me struggling in school I was promptly kicked out due to not passing all my classes and not getting protects in on time. The principal of that school now will not let me in unless I start taking the anti depressants my psychologist gave me to take as I refuse to take them. My mom now uses that as a bargining chip for not going food shopping and not doing things with me now. As has my grandma. Needless to say I'm surprised I have not yet taken them due to the past month conversations just being about that. It has gotten better they started talking about other things and my grandma took me shopping once. But i am still not allowed back into that school unless I take medication or wait three months.

Yes both my starseed free will and my physical. I feel it is most important to share this story of spiritual violation, because as a survivor of an early awakening I want the next generation to be aware.

Some of the first starseeds I met gathered in a group of around a dozen at my highschool, and each insisted I'd lived multiple lifetimes on their worlds. Each of them insisted I'd been a werewolf, vampire, angel, feline, atlantian, fae, and dragon more than once living on all of their worlds at one point. I recalled an entirely different series of memories that did not coincide with their recollections of me, and each time I attempted to share who I was they'd quash my memories by insisting that I needed to remember the lifetime I spent with them. Slowly my ability to view my own racial memories as an overlay on this reality faded, and my emotions dimmed until I could barely find the will to speak with anyone. I stopped dreaming altogether, and by the time each of them had moved on my body became so weak I needed a cane to walk.

This was a psychic gang rape, and I pray that the next generation of starseeds can learn better than to force the memories of their peers. Even if they know that someone lived a lifetime at their side the recollections cannot be forced without harming the person they love. Now I live with shattered and confused memories, but over time I have worked to rebuild the memory of who I used to be (in a lifetime that nobody told me I'd lived).

For most it's already violated since birth.

As far as I know not many starseeds wants to be here, most of them are always more than willing to get out of here to the soonest as possible.

LOL, I wish they can come to me so I can psycho them. Come to me demons, for I am the greater evil you shall meet, MUAHAHAHA.

Meh, crybaby cries, so cute.

I think it's important to make a difference between normal behavior and mental illness... If your family and doctors wanted you to take medication, there must be some behavior that you had that wasn't normal / that you weren't able to do your daily activities properly. It's important as ascended beings to be able to function in the present world as well... Or else we cannot accomplish our Purpose here, which is the most important of all our endeavors. I would take those medications if that meant being able to serve my purpose better. Anyways just another perspective on this very important subject.

Jelly said:

LOL, I wish they can come to me so I can psycho them. Come to me demons, for I am the greater evil you shall meet, MUAHAHAHA.

Meh, crybaby cries, so cute.
Is this meant in humor, or a true invitation, Jelly?

my free will has been violated so many times some by forced meds others by sadistic people who managed to corrupt the psych system and cops

Ive got the t-shirt on this one I am just waiting for the whole ending of K-pax to happen.

Doing TCM meditation daily and taking a good coconot oil and kurkuma daily will repair the effects of your medication. also try aloe vera leaves...

They put a lot of people on meds, who are about to ascend.
I'm very sorry to hear, that you had such a trouble, but unfortunately it's not uncommon.

I think it might be helpful to note what MORE THAN ONE psychiatrist has told me after hearing about my starseed self. On several occasions I've been told "You're not crazy but you've been traumatized in the past, and because you have a high IQ your mind has found ways to adapt to the psychological damage. So long as you know the difference between reality and what's in your mind this could be a helpful tool."

I was first told this 16 years ago, and just 7 months ago I heard the same thing from a different psychiatrist. So if you're aware that the boundaries between this world, and others exist you might be able to get your medical team on board with you being a starseed. The last time I took psychiatric medication was when it was forced on me, but by the end of that assessment period the doctors were hiding in their office with the doors locked and calling for backup. Afterwards I was released without medication and a clean mental health record, while the doctors had to go before an ethical review board ^_^

When I was in a top secret military program....

.... After I shut the portal, the demons started to.....

..... if I ever go back I will be thrown in jail!

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