I recently had a drawing done by Francie Griffin and I was blown away so I thought I'd share.

I don't remember how I found her - maybe on this website - but I wanted her to draw someone very specific that I have had previous contact with. She nailed it. She gave a reading too and it was the best I've ever had. 100% spot on with my personal experience but filled in some holes for me. 

Zandu from Andromeda and is a ship commander that I'm connected to and working with in a parallel life. 

This small fellow came in when she first started drawing and wanted to tell me hello, so she felt she needed to send him too. I'm unfamiliar with him and he was not part of my question/reading so I don't know anything about him or his origins.

He looks like an odd amalgamation of a few different beings to me.

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Well, that is a neat way of connecting with parallel lifetime : ) Cldr Zandu looks epic... Glad you had a good revealing coming your way regarding the broader picture.
This picture i came up with when tapping into my parallel life :

WOW WOW WOW! Did you draw that? I love it so much. The crystalline prismatic style is so beautiful....wish I could jump into it! Do you know who this is or where?

I had seen him before but not "colored in" haha. Instead he was an energy imprint or outline but the details were very clear so I recognized him right away which blew my mind.

Funny side note, he sounds like a mix of James Earl Jones + Morgan Freeman....warm and granfatherly but powerful, intense, and serious. He asked her to "stop fussing with his face" and to not "over draw" it. LOL.

I can imagine what Zandu's voice might sound like... Funny that James Earl Jones did also the voice of Darth Vader... makes it extra extra terrestrial lol. atleast scify ish... The drawing is mine yes, painted with acrylic and afterwards some photoshop to mirror the image and some other details such as the eyes. which ended up a bit too dreamy... The background based on a section from another painting ( on my page at the bottom )Regarding the who an where, I don't have much details. I think it's more an amalgam of different features of diff memories I mold together...

Ha! The irony was not lost. He's just on the pastey side of the color wheel. I heard his voice before seeing his face and called him garth (god + darth) which I'm sure that went over super well :( ..lol

Hopefully you paint regularly. Good style.



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