Hello everyone! My name is Cody, an I am an extrasensory channel and healer. From a young age I've been able to communicate spirit guides, see past lives, see aura colors, talk to extraterrestrials, see your soul origins spontaneously leave my body etc. My gifts I offer to you are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

I am feeling in a very giving mood today and would like to offer up my service to a few of you if you interested! I made a profile on here years ago and remembered how I was just starting to understand my journey and my purpose here. Here is where I fist began truly understanding what was happening to me multidimensionally. My mission here is to spread awareness and awakening to the planet in a true and authentic way.

*For a limited time I'm offering 5 minute recorded readings. Just leave your questions in the comments below or private message me with your email so I may share your reading with you. Full length sessions please book here: http://codysingh.weebly.com/services.html

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Thank you for giving akashic readings
I wanted to know about my spirit guides, that is who are they and if they want to give any message to me. Thank you :)

Hello :) Thank you for your service, I have subscribed to your Youtube channel. I would like to know my soul origins and my soul name. If there is anything that comes through that I need to know please do tell me :)

Thank you for offering your services! I'm interested to know what messages my guides have to me. Also, if you can tell me more about the planet I used to go to in my projections, one with the apparent eternal sunset light...where was it and why I went there?
Thank you so much, I've subscribed to your channel! :)
Hello Cody,
I would like to know more about my lifetime in Pleiades and who are my spirit guides. I have subscribed to your channel.

Thank you for offer this reading!


Thanks for offering this. I subscribed to your channel.

I don't know very much about Akashic Records, but I'm really interested in a reading. I'm really interested to know what my most recent past life was and how that affects my current reality on a conscious and unconscious level.

Thanks so much again. I look forward to your response!

Also, my e-mail is manifestivity@protonmail.com if you would rather get back to me that way.

Hello, I would like to know about what I'm supposed to do in this life... thank you for this offering....

My email is dj.mason5699@hotmail.com

I am interested. :) I will subscribe to you on YT.

I want to know more about my life as a male angel (I've been told I lived in Pleiades and Andromeda as well) and about my future, why I often get blocked or rejected, friendless, used et cetera as if my future wants to be where I'm in South Korea? Or New York state like in my past life? I'm from Canada btw and I've been living in my parents' country Bosnia for 4 years so far. Something in general with that.

Please reply to me through email: ameliastar1@gmail.com
Thank you, love and light xx
I have already watched you on youtube and also subscribed.thank you for offering reading.i really badly want to know about my past life, and i have been told by a saint i am special,but i dont believe how,what is my purpose in this life.please i want to know all this.Thank you so much ,email-medhadw@gmail.com

Thank you Cody
If possible, I'd like to know what my guides would like me to know, and about my purpose here now. (and my guides names! I'd like to be able to address them properly><) These are the two most important things
If there's still time, then perhaps shedding some light on my past lives, origins, twinflame would be appreciated.

thank you for this
love and light, and subscribed (: you have a wonderful voice btw^^


hi thank you for offering i would like to know about my purpose here on earth

Subbed :)
kind of you to do that
um can i get a general reading whatever pops up ?


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