garlic is one of those things that provide insight into the self....

that we are light
that body heals itself...

show we ca nfeed it with light... divine perfection it is

and ones healths will fall off, like the cloves on a garlic
doctor plant through thouands of years

too fine for the taste
yes.. then one doesn't wish to become healthy!

first works with enough selfinsight
like all doctorplants....
it must hurt enough....

and one must dare take enough of it
to find out it is ones own solk

garlic is light...

it is me
the truth for me

perfection so perfect that word perfect is not perfect enough!

thats garlic....
thats those who eat that
those who in know

light beings

Garlic against urinary tract infections
Repeated urinarytract infections
Infections on body
Infections in body
'The Cure'


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Lovely, you can find light and life in anything grown in nature its how you perceive things that count. I have been limiting garlic and onions lately and using them more for medicinal purposes because as they are good for the body they can be toxic for the mind and meditation.

Some monks were explaining this and i have also heard many other gurus and health conscious people say the same.

Nice poetry :)

Thank you kindly for your kind response Toni
I only use garlic as a medicinal herb, as it can influence reaction time. But on the countrary to being toxic, it actually very healing to the body. Rejuvinates the body. Heals infections.
Many people claim so much. Garlic is proven scientifically to be a potent medicine against infections.

Better than many of science's current antibiotics, treats resistant infections

You wouldn't eat antibiotics each day either!:)

Love and light,


No i agree, what i meant to say is i heard it can become slightly toxic if overused. Oregano Oil is another great natural antibiotic :)

Thank for your kind response as well.

Thank you Toni again much appreciated, yes most herbs can become dangerous in too much amount.

Cinnamon is another antibiotic researched by science, yet some fear liver toxicity in large amounts. Yet it is these same people who buy buckets of cinnamon. We others just eat a half gram now and then.

Feel with yourself, there is a risk with most healing herbs

Incl over the counter drugs that science claims it is safe, they are now finding out not as safe, people die each year or get kidney,liver problems, or intestinal bleeding,ulcers etc.

I'm sure nature can hurt if overused

But a good student respects the teacher

The risk is almost neglicible for most people. But most things can be dangerous in too big amounts, even water.

I like Garlic and also Olive oil, both science superfoods

And not proven to be dangerous so far to my knowledge.

Cinnamon seems to have some few studies claiming potential liver toxicity, but not garlic as far as I know.

You are absolutely correct. At the end of the day its nature, our body comes from nature thus understands natural substances when they enter the body compared to man-made drugs you will need to consume enormous amounts of the natural substance to even have the same dangerous effects as the un-nautural ones in much smaller quantities.

You might like Black Seed Oil(Nigella Sativa) also highly medicinal :)

Peace & Love

Makes sense. Naturopaths knows. Docs..we know how that goes.

Cant seem to make a post to ya btw

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