I find there to be too many depressing, even confrontational, conversations happening on here which make it difficult for me to stay engaged, so this is my attempt to keep it light...

Tell me about the funniest way your guides / the universe / ET contacts / etc has communicated with you.

Mine came was when I was meditating and thinking a lot about my soul origin and purpose for about 3 days. The next day I got 3 pimples on my cheek (I never get them in this area) in the EXACT alignment formation and odd sizes of Orion (if you know Orion, you know what I mean) which pointed in perfect direction to a HUGE pimple on my chin... Sirius.  My soul origin is Sirian which I identify with greatly (if what we know is true), and my purpose has to do with the Orion wars. 

I couldn't stop laughing. I still giggle now whenever I think about it. I regret not taking a photo.

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Okay, so I know its been a year since you posted this - but I resonated with it so much! For a while I have been seeing orion everywhere - I even have three freckles on my left shoulder in the exact order. I've talked to other people about some memories I have which took place during the Orion Wars - and the creepy thing is we all have A names. I dont' get it? Do you have any ideas?

Interesting. I am Arcturian, and I definitely keep everything light and funny. I feel like this entire Earth is a joke. Maybe I'm taking it too lightly. Ha.

Regarding my guides. My guides have never talked to me as others are describing. Why do people seem so ungrateful and apathetic about their guides speaking to them?

Here is my story.

My guides don't speak to me and I didn't think I had any guides. But one day, they basically took over my mind. They forced me to go see Dolores Canon, half way across the country, before she was taken off the planet. I needed to learn QHHT healing hypnosis before she passed.

It happened like this: I was sitting at my computer next to my ex partner who was a strong atheist and a miserable person to be around. I was not thinking about Dolores or hypnosis, but suddenly the idea popped into my head that Dolores would be gone soon, and I better see her immediately. Now, I have never traveled on my own in my life, I am not a traveler. But the feeling was so strong I could not resist. I knew at once that it was a not a choice, I was being "forced" by whatever impulse this was. So I purchased a ticket to fly to Arkansas. I couldn't tell my work where I was going or what I was doing because my company is owned by very religious people. Luckily my employer didn't mind me taking time off work.

I never would have traveled to see Dolores Canon on a split second impulse decision, if I hadn't been given this sudden powerful inspiration by my guides.

While watching Dolores speak, I kept getting visions of her dying. I saw in my mind's eye that her death would stop her message from reaching the mass consciousness level that would be required to make her hypnosis healing technique become world famous. I realized that the dark side would be involved in her death, and would celebrate her death. While at the class, I spoke to a man who gave me a business card, and he was a 33rd degree Free Mason. He said he went to "all" of Dolores' expos and classes. I thought it was strange, since I could barely afford to attend 1 of her classes. The man didn't seem hostile, rude or evil. He seemed like a Starseed. His business card said "Gabriel" and he had a Mexican last name, that I can't remember. He gave me 1 business card, and it disappeared out of my bag the next day. I went and asked him for a 2nd business card, because it seemed so unreal to meet a 33rd degree Free Mason who was named "Gabriel." The 2nd business card was put very carefully in a specific spot in my zipper pouch so I would not lose it. When I checked the pouch a few days later, the 2nd business card was also gone. I realized after the 2nd card disappeared that I was dealing with supernatural forces, and it would be best to just forget about it...

When I heard of her passing, I knew that she had been murdered. It was the same strong impulse with the same clarity that had convinced me to go see Dolores Canon.

I cannot distinguish a difference between my higher self and my guides, and that could be because they are intimately connected.

I am envious of people who get direct communication with their guides, but I'd also like to suggest to people that our guides can guide our thoughts and impulses without us even realizing it. It's very likely that many impulses are actually mental "downloads" from our guides.

I'd like to know how people have connected with their guides? What methods are best?

Shoreline said:

Humour is healthy.

I connect with the Arcturians and they are so light and balanced and wise and humorous.... and I know it is fine to interact with them in all of these ways.

This is an essential aspect of maintaining higher frequencies, and of establishing a connection with them. Love, lightness and humour. Happy !



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