I find there to be too many depressing, even confrontational, conversations happening on here which make it difficult for me to stay engaged, so this is my attempt to keep it light...

Tell me about the funniest way your guides / the universe / ET contacts / etc has communicated with you.

Mine came was when I was meditating and thinking a lot about my soul origin and purpose for about 3 days. The next day I got 3 pimples on my cheek (I never get them in this area) in the EXACT alignment formation and odd sizes of Orion (if you know Orion, you know what I mean) which pointed in perfect direction to a HUGE pimple on my chin... Sirius.  My soul origin is Sirian which I identify with greatly (if what we know is true), and my purpose has to do with the Orion wars. 

I couldn't stop laughing. I still giggle now whenever I think about it. I regret not taking a photo.

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Groovy perspective.

I have had a few misleads and I know now that it was my ego producing these things not my guides but about 8 yrs ago, I was 100 percent certain I would win a (what I was being shown) greenhouse... Never did win it though lol
Love this! Makes me so happy to read!

I also have a guide with a deep god voice. I don't know his name so I call him Morgan Freeman. He hasn't gotten upset by this yet haha. Well, that I know of... I'm mostly oblivious too so lately they've been turning up the volume on the show.

Wow! How do you transfer consciousness at death? I've never heard of this before. 

I want sex my god what was I supposed to do she turned herself into a great dancer into a glow stick break dancer and started dancing on my bed
Let's ignore the 1st comment typos lol my god I turned herself into a glowstick break dancer and sort of break dancing on my bed

When a projection with a stone (astrophyllite) went wrong, I asked for help.

They appeared as my parents telling me in a scolding educational way, but still with lots of humour, like you do with a young child when you are indulgent:

"So you've been messing around again, have you, huh?"


Hahaha, that's awesome!

My stones/crystals just go on vacation. They will disappear only to reappear somewhere I didn't put them. Like inside a closed bag that I don't use.

Humour is healthy.

I connect with the Arcturians and they are so light and balanced and wise and humorous.... and I know it is fine to interact with them in all of these ways.

This is an essential aspect of maintaining higher frequencies, and of establishing a connection with them. Love, lightness and humour. Happy !

Love this. I connect with this sentiment 100%. I can find humor in almost everything (almost). Or at least I try.
I was told that my first incarnation from the angelic realm was Arcturus and was there for a very long time. I'm not sure if that's true, as I am about other origins, but your words ring my heart down to the core of my being.

Uau! :) Such a way to know...

Another one as of lately is that I've been hearing tiny clicking sounds at night just before sleep and coming from my nightstand that sound like hummingbird chirps. We have lots of hummingbirds that buzz the garden/yard and they make me super happy. I squeal inside each time I see one. It never gets old. They are SUPER territorial and click like crazy to tell other hummers to back off while guarding food sources. 

My boyfriend doesn't hear them, so I'm assuming it's some kind of clairaudience.

At first I thought... "did I have a fizzy soda up here".. except I don't drink soda or have it in the house.  And then I thought is it the crystals talking? But they never have to me before.

When I started researching clairaudient clicking something came up about the Pleaidians communicating in that way, but I haven't had any direct confirmation personally of this yet. But I was told independently that I have a inter-dimensional/Pleaidian priestess guide who is part of me. Maybe these are conected, maybe not... so for now I fall asleep to an invisible angry hummingbird in my room.  



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