I have a lovely deck by Diana Cooper called Unicorn Cards filled with inspiring messages. If you are interested in receiving a Unicorn oracle message, please comment below and I will pull a card for you. Feel free to ask a question, but it's not strictly necessary. <3

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Hello, dear Gabrielle, I've missed you too! <3 I'm sorry to hear you are feeling stuck. :( Let's see what message the unicorns have for you. The Unicorn card I pulled for you is #12: Help, with the message "The help you need is on its way, so keep watching for it." I have to say, drawing this card gave me goosebumps: it depicts a man with his head in his hands, sitting at a river's bank; the bridge across has washed away, and he is literally stuck where he is. But in the background, two winged unicorns are flying to his aid. The very straightforward message of this card is, you will receive the help you need, but remember to ask for it. Our guides can assist us, but they cannot directly interfere with our free will unless we ask them for help. Get in contact with your unicorn, your angel, or another spiritual guide; they will never feel burdened by your need for their assistance. I feel this card is also encouraging you to look for new solutions to a recurring problem; help often comes in mysterious ways, or where you least expect it.

Much, much love to you, dear one, and many blessings. XOXO


Your message is very accurate, it was a little sad looking at card #12 too based on my situation... Yea help comes in the most unexpected and mysterious ways in the past! I really want to live life filled with happiness and love and to reunite with my twin flame and soul group <3 <3 thank you so much XOXO many blessings to u! Gabby

I would be honored if you would have time to pull a card for me <3

Hello again, Kjell! I hope you have been well, my friend. :)

The Unicorn card I drew for you is #31: Surprise, with the message "Look for the unexpected today."

Your guides have something wonderful in store for you, so keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open to it! Every now and again, the unicorns and our other spiritual guides leave a little something to remind us of their presence--a coin, a feather, a recurring image or phrase--because surprises keep life fresh and interesting. But sometimes they interact on a more direct level, and we are gifted with something unexpected, such as sudden insight, a dream or vision, or a new solution to an old problem. Enjoy whatever it is the unicorns have prepared for you!

Much love and many blessings to you, dear! <3

Hi, I would like one if possible. I need help with the question 'how and when will I know the truth about myself?'

Hello and welcome, Cliqmo, I apologize for the time it's taken me to get back to you. <3 The Unicorn card I pulled for you is #42: King of the Unicorns, with the message "you are blessed with majesty, vision, and power". This card depicts a powerful alicorn (winged unicorn) at the edge of a cliff; his gaze, while regal, is cautious. Discernment is key. I sense a very powerful spirit guide who loves and protects you, but who is asking for your patience in this matter. As a Sirian with "locked" memories, I wholly understand the strength of desire to know, but for whatever reason, the entirety of the truth cannot yet be revealed. This happens for a variety of reasons; we may not have reached certain key milestones in our spiritual progress, or we may still carry emotional turmoil from past lives that would be too painful for us to handle at this juncture. But like I feel with your spirit guide, I sense a deep power about you, something that would merit such a mighty protector. I also sense this guide is a family member from a previous incarnation; a mother or grandmother, perhaps? I would encourage you to reach out to this being if you haven't already, establish a relationship, and go from there.

Many blessings to you, dear!

Yes, pleaseandthankyou! Common question, but will I reunite with my true twin flame? Tks! Xx

Hello and welcome, Lexa, I apologize for the time it's taken me to get back to you. <3 The Unicorn card I drew for you is #11: Future, with the message "Let go of the past and move forward." This card shows a determined man beneath an archway festooned with roses; he has broken the shackle about his ankle and is making progress while his guardian unicorn looks on approvingly. In relation to your question, there is something you need to release or let go of so that you can progress with your own spiritual journey; in due time, you will be reunited with your twin flame, but there is something the unicorns and your guides want you to see or understand first. This may include emotional trauma from a previous incarnation. I encourage you to work on this emotional block, as I feel moving past whatever is shackling you will help you find that which you seek. Much love and many blessings to you! <3

I would like one please. Thanks!!! :)

Hello, Maria! You are welcome!

The unicorn card I pulled for you is #40: Archangel Raphael, with the message "Healing and abundance are all around you."

Archangel Raphael is a master healer, so it's no surprise that this card comes with a message of deep healing. Whether you yourself are a healer or in need of healing, Archangel Raphael and the unicorns are working closely with you in a healing capacity. Unicorns are also touted for their healing arts; the horn of a unicorn is said to purify any poison, no matter how potent. This is also a card of self-care; as healers, we often get caught up in taking care of others and neglect our own needs. Remember to take care of yourself. <3 Much love and many blessings to you, dear!

Thanks!!! It resonates with me... :)



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