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Hello all,
I will be unable to provide services at this time so I have to close this thread. It has been my honor to reach out to as many of you as I can and help you along your path. Many people don't understand why I have done this service while not asking for anything in return. It is because I believe that if we possess something that we can use to help others it is important that we share it. This website is a wonderful gift and I appreciate all that it has to offer, hopefully it can stay that way for the future. You may contact me if you wish by PM.

Love and light,

New announcement: Hi all, a great many of you have asked for me to provide additional services. I am now providing spiritual counseling sessions and reports. Please visit https://spiritbodymindcounseling.com to schedule a session. I will continue to respond to questions on this thread.


I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed down through generations. This is a question and answer service, I can handle only one question per request. This is not something I carry lightly, so please ask with respect. I do not claim being a psychic, but I rather see this as being a part of who I am. I have been asked in the past by others for this service so I will now try it online. I will answer questions on the following topics for example:

1. Questions on spirituality

2. Questions concerning interpersonal relationships

3. Questions concerning events

4. Questions on cosmic origins

Additional areas:
5. Divine guidance

6. Finding blocks preventing you from moving forward

7. Life path and direction

I will try to answer most topics, but this should give you a general idea. This is my first time doing this online so bear with me for now as I try to get to each question. I should be able to reply within 24 hours. If not I will let you know whether or not you can expect a reply within the next 24 hours.


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Hi Victor,

I think what I have said will eventually make sense to you, perhaps not right at this moment, but in this case visualization is not necessary. You will see it come to you and you will know what to do :)

I accept this. Thank you for responding.
can i have a soul reading please...?

Hello Gezim,

Please check your PM, thank you :)

i checked and nothing,,,

can you answer the question here please...?

Hi Gezim,

Thanks for your question. To your response I sent a PM request asking if you wanted the reading to be general or have something specific in focus?

I have tried several times to view my akashic records, through guided meditation, but so far I have been unsuccessful. I want to know if there is a past life that is somehow causing me to put up walls/blocks keeping me from achieving greater expansion of my spiritual awakening.


Hi kristy,

It seems as though the blocks arose more so from events in this lifetime, rather than past life events and this is part of why your attempts have been unsuccessful. You will find that by confronting these events, your meditation will be easier and more calming. This may allow you greater access.

Thank you.
I'm not sure how to figure out what I am afraid of (but I do feel it is fear).

Hello Kelly,

Thank you for your kind words, I think for you that not only healing is part of your gift but also music. You seem to have a natural talent in this area. Perhaps if you found some way to combine the two this would be ideal. I hope this helps :)


I don't know why but I feel I'm looking for something or someone or some people and I feel its all to do with my starseed nature, the councils and who I am as a soul. I feel like I have some great importance and that the beings are watching me and my life and they are expecting great things, I always feel I'm being challenged more. My life seems to be full of blockages that seem to date back to before this lifetime and I'm wanting to understand why or what is going on

So I guess my question is a mixture of why are there all these blockages, what do they expect from me, where did they come from? 

Not sure how else to explain it.

Thank you


Hello Tenoth,

This issue you describe comes from moving between vastly different experiences in each of your lifetimes. It has not been a gradual movement. To answer your question, I think the individuals you seek come from different locations, they each have a unique relationship to you and this is what makes it seem like you have blockages. In this lifetime, all of these experiences will become one single experience which I think has been the challenge.



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