I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed down through generations. This is a question and answer service, I can handle only one question per request. This is not something I carry lightly, so please ask with respect. I do not claim being a psychic, but I rather see this as being a part of who I am. I have been asked in the past by others for this service so I will now try it online. I will answer questions on the following topics for example:

1. Questions on spirituality

2. Questions concerning interpersonal relationships

3. Questions concerning events

4. Questions on cosmic origins

I will try to answer most topics, but this should give you a general idea. This is my first time doing this online so bear with me for now as I try to get to each question. I should be able to reply within 24 hours. If not I will let you know whether or not you can expect a reply within the next 24 hours.


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Hi VeganCrystals, please see your PM, thank you :)

Hello Sothis!

I'd like to ask you about my cosmic origins: Place and species if possible. Any information would be much appreciated.

Hello Amarok,

It seems you are from right here, and I can see that you are something of a storyteller, shaman and seer. You are capable of telling stories to others which would guide them on their journey through life and can reveal many things. I sense that you have a gift at doing this. I believe you have a strong connection with nature as well and can easily communicate with other species as you even have the ability to shift. I hope this helps you.

Can you determine my souls age ?

Hi Victor,

In your case it's interesting because you have overlapping timeframes when it comes to your souls age. Since you have lived in other regions, your soul actually has no age when it comes to an overall picture. If you mean by Earth years and from that perspective, it spans well over 1200 years.

Ok. Thanks for the info :)


I feel lost.. but I hope you would be able to give me advices on my life path.

Thank you.

Hello Minnie,

It is unfortunate that you feel lost. It seems like you feel "small" in the world and insignificant. This is so far from the full picture. This is merely a dormant time in your life. There are some events going on which you should take note of, this may be with or affecting family that will guide you on your life's path. I think right now you should pay attention to this as the clues will come together more easily. I hope this helps you :)

Hi sothis73

Many years back I got "contacted" and "modified" by some of Sirian Heritage, or so i think.

I feel that they are somewhat partly responsible for my current chaotic blueprint and "spaced out" mind.

I would really appreciate if you could use you "connections" and maybe tell me some of the forgotten or "missing" information modifications.

Love and Blessings


Hi Rolf,

I believe it is more like they "filled in" some missing pieces that you would have found out sooner or later. When you say chaotic blueprint, this makes me think that they were not of Sirian Heritage but are you sure they did not have other influences?

Hello :)

Firstly, thank you for offering this service!

May i know what my life path is?

Hello and thank you all for your questions, I will return tomorrow for the answers :)



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