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Hello all,
I will be unable to provide services at this time so I have to close this thread. It has been my honor to reach out to as many of you as I can and help you along your path. Many people don't understand why I have done this service while not asking for anything in return. It is because I believe that if we possess something that we can use to help others it is important that we share it. This website is a wonderful gift and I appreciate all that it has to offer, hopefully it can stay that way for the future. You may contact me if you wish by PM.

Love and light,

New announcement: Hi all, a great many of you have asked for me to provide additional services. I am now providing spiritual counseling sessions and reports. Please visit https://spiritbodymindcounseling.com to schedule a session. I will continue to respond to questions on this thread.


I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed down through generations. This is a question and answer service, I can handle only one question per request. This is not something I carry lightly, so please ask with respect. I do not claim being a psychic, but I rather see this as being a part of who I am. I have been asked in the past by others for this service so I will now try it online. I will answer questions on the following topics for example:

1. Questions on spirituality

2. Questions concerning interpersonal relationships

3. Questions concerning events

4. Questions on cosmic origins

Additional areas:
5. Divine guidance

6. Finding blocks preventing you from moving forward

7. Life path and direction

I will try to answer most topics, but this should give you a general idea. This is my first time doing this online so bear with me for now as I try to get to each question. I should be able to reply within 24 hours. If not I will let you know whether or not you can expect a reply within the next 24 hours.


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Hi Ayalin,
Yes, please go ahead and send your PM.

Thank you

Ayalin said:

Hi Sothis, can I ask you about something very personal in the PM?

Hi sothis, I'm wondering if you got my message I sent in PM?
I understand now. Mind, Body, Soul connection.

I would appreciate a second opinion.
Meditation and me don't really seem to be very
compatible. Also because its winter, i dont see
myself going to the botanical garden anytime
soon for meditation.

I was thinking maybe merlin thought that personal/
private conversation maybe nessessary.
Ie, not out in private ?

My general gist is this.
Yes, i have read that Orions are meant to be more
renown for abilities on Magick...i has already
researched this.

My conclusion: Im not in a position to perform
any magick because of my ying/yang imbalance
which has always made visualisation very controversial.

Also i dont reaonate with Alchemy, i never have.

Im curious to know what source has to say about this.

Again, thanks for your time and patience :)

sothis73 said:
Hi Stina,
Thank you for your kind words. You already know your twin flame and there is some history there. You have had previous lives with your twin as they were a family member as well as a spouse.
You have already crossed paths in this lifetime and will meet again.

Stina said:
Hi sothis..... thank you for offering this. I'm very grateful to be able to ask you a question.
I would like to know about my twin flame; do I have one? And if so will I meet them in this lifetime?
Have I had previous lives with them?
Thank you so much..... sending you love and light .......
Love Stina
Thank you so much sothis for sharing your gifts. It means so much to me to have you answer my questions and share your wisdom. Can I ask you for any further information on my twin flame? Thank you so much. I give you permission to access my akashic records. Anything you could tell me about my soul origins and why there is a face on a planet that looks like me, I would be grateful. Sending you love and light
Love Stina

Thank you Stina, the meeting with your twin flame will most likely take place in a public location, a restaurant or meeting place to be specific and with a group. Much information will be revealed during your first personal encounters. You will find that you relate to each other in almost no time. Caution must be taken in that you do not overlook what could as quickly divide you.
The appearance of a "face" on a planet (Mars) that looks like you is a symbol of the beings who founded and controlled civilizations where beings were both of this world and the other. Your soul origins go back to Lyra (Pleiadean ancestry) where many of them such as yourself also found incarnations in Atlantis.

Hello Sothis,

I was wondering if you have insight on the characteristics/personality (?)
of my soul family/group and was wondering if they watch over me?

Thanks so much :)

Hi, Sothis! I'd like to thank you a lot for your last reply, It helped me a lot!

I'd like to ask about myself. Have I ever had relation with Occultism in past lives? I feel a strong pull towards this kind of subject, and I feel that I have already studied this kind of thing, but I don't know when I did It.


Hi everyone, thank you for your questions. I am traveling and will be able to provide some responses by the beginning of next week. Blessings to all.

I like to get Animal Spirit reading. Also like to know whether I am associated with feline or canine family...
Thank you :)

I heard something about choices in past lives keep displaying the same results in life after life without knowing why. That's why I suggested it.
Now the situation is very confusing once again. It seems he's about to shut me out and I don't know why. It's been several years since we last met and now I wonder if we're not going to spend this lifetime together..? Where is my loving partner...?
I'm tired of being the one who's always alone... Sorry for the negativity...
Love and Light from my heart...

sothis73 said:
Hi Anjo,
I would hope that you do not see your choices as "negative". You made these choices so that you could experience the true meaning of your connection and to understand the reasons why you share this bond. Sometimes we need to be away from something to understand and learn its true meaning. We can ultimately find the answer within ourselves, because your twin is you after all. So I would instead refer to these blocks simply as guideposts to reaching union. If you are stuck, being in a quiet or meditative environment for a while may provide you with answers. Hopefully this helps :)

Anjo said:
Thank you Sothis73
I'm feeling a bit stuck, and would probably benefit from a cleansing of negative choices in my soul records. I wish I knew how to work through this, unite with him and feel complete... What choice have I done that creates these blocks....?
Love and light to you all <3

sothis73 said:
Hi Anjo,
I feel this is your twin flame and you are both working on issues together pertaining to the self and how you perceive yourself and in clearing the ego and the perception of ego in the other. I feel the commitment is based upon how you will respond to each other based on how you work through these issues.

Anjo said:
Greetings Sothis73. Hope everything is wonderful with you.
I've taken some time to contemplate on the "stubborn partner" and the connection... Are we soulmates or perhaps even twinflames? Are we supposed to be partners in love and life, and is the "stubborn" part about him not committing to us..? I feel a bit lonely and wonder if he will finally commit soon..? A lot of questions is circling in my mind but I'll ask only about this issue this time...
Love and Light to you all!
Hello Estee,
The characteristics of your soul family include being quiet and observant before acting upon anything, always analyzing the situation for the right approach. Your soul family is always watching over you and has never left you alone, they are always with you with very much love and light.

Estee said:

Hello Sothis,

I was wondering if you have insight on the characteristics/personality (?)
of my soul family/group and was wondering if they watch over me?

Thanks so much :)

Hi Star Light,
Hopefully this is not confusing but your boyfriend/soul brother and twin flame are sharing the same soul group. Your twin flame is also part of this group. It is that your twin flame is known by your soul brother, who is also Sirian.

Star Light said:
Hi Sothis! I am really greatful for your offering. I would love to ask you a personal question, because I am going around in circles with this.. every time I try to connect I am not able to see the rest of the history. As far as I could go, I found out that I am Sirian. When I arrived to Gaia in this incarnation I died and went back again, at very young age (I guess under 1y.o). I remember talking with my brother who was aborted, who convicted me to come back again, to my first chosen family. We spoke and he told me, he would find a way to be with me. So my boyfriend seems to be my brother (not blood Earth brother but soul brother). During my meditation when I was trying to call back my Devine feminine and the alignment of my male and female and my twin soul to live this journey with me, I am not sure if what I revived was accurate.. but I would like you to see if my soul brother is going to leave the vessel and my twin is coming down, anytime soon?? Because I also saw my very same boyfriend being awake by our child when I will be pregnant.. so everything is really confused.. And I really want to know about my real twin flame. Is my intuition correct, or is there a different story?

Send you love and blessings



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