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Hello all,
I will be unable to provide services at this time so I have to close this thread. It has been my honor to reach out to as many of you as I can and help you along your path. Many people don't understand why I have done this service while not asking for anything in return. It is because I believe that if we possess something that we can use to help others it is important that we share it. This website is a wonderful gift and I appreciate all that it has to offer, hopefully it can stay that way for the future. You may contact me if you wish by PM.

Love and light,

New announcement: Hi all, a great many of you have asked for me to provide additional services. I am now providing spiritual counseling sessions and reports. Please visit https://spiritbodymindcounseling.com to schedule a session. I will continue to respond to questions on this thread.


I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed down through generations. This is a question and answer service, I can handle only one question per request. This is not something I carry lightly, so please ask with respect. I do not claim being a psychic, but I rather see this as being a part of who I am. I have been asked in the past by others for this service so I will now try it online. I will answer questions on the following topics for example:

1. Questions on spirituality

2. Questions concerning interpersonal relationships

3. Questions concerning events

4. Questions on cosmic origins

Additional areas:
5. Divine guidance

6. Finding blocks preventing you from moving forward

7. Life path and direction

I will try to answer most topics, but this should give you a general idea. This is my first time doing this online so bear with me for now as I try to get to each question. I should be able to reply within 24 hours. If not I will let you know whether or not you can expect a reply within the next 24 hours.


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Hello Aquilia,
I don't see a specific origin point for you, as you are in and of your own energies. I see that you have developed according to your own will. You mention amnesia but I would use a different explanation, your origins came into being in this existence through thought or force of will. I hope this helps.

Hello indigoangel,
I see that your origins are Sirius but your soul which formed there has a Pleiadean origin. You are much more aware and conscious when you are not in this plane of existence but actually can help others to "move on" to other planes of existences necessary in this manner. By moving on I mean you act as a guide or even like your name states like an angel who can assist other souls in need.

So are you saying that i potentially
Have all the DNA from say the Paschats, and all other feline races.
Are you then also saying that all feline
Races originated from the Akinira ?


This article used to be on ISN

Thank you so much, Sothis! I appreciate your answer and can relate to it! Could you be more specific as to how I can help other souls?

In terms of DNA, it's not a simple explanation. Your DNA has been formed in a similar manner to others but in terms of how you physically respond you are open and receptive to all feline beings. This is through your crown chakra and how your soul memory is working. Meaning you have a natural capability of understanding and communicating with specific feline species. There are those who have incarnated from the Akinira felines and in this sense they have followed an ancient path similar to other felines. So not all feline races originated from the Akinira, but most do share very similar origins.

Hi Aquilia, I'm referring to your family as they have assisted in this thought formation through force of their will and yours.

Hi indigoangel,
You help them by recognizing the paths they are on for the most part before they can see it. In this manner you find it easy to guide them through to their next stage of development.

Hi Victor,
To comment on the video, there is a truth here but a few things that perhaps need clarity. We are living in interesting times. Many of those in the angelic realm exist here and have but the difference now is that a few of them are recognized for what they are. They have been attempting to assist mankind all along but they have been ignored because most people aren't looking to develop all of their states of being to the fullest. This is due to working towards what others think will immediately resolve their problems, such as money or other superficial things. I don't think there is a "lock" in place for these timelines that force others into a way of life but it will be that much harder to change things at some future date than it will be around this time. Most people will recognize the divine path they know that they need to walk and will come across situations at this time that will literally force them to make hard and difficult choices that will ultimately make this world a more unified place.

Thank you again, this makes sense. I seem to be able to help others find clarity.

I personally am only interested in peace and equality.
However i do have my own personal
Problems. Truth can be a very expensive thing to get.
I know many truths...intellectually
I dont support a system of Ascention that is unfair in my opinion.
I remember in 2007 it was all about
Dec 21, 2012 for Ascention...a failure
because it never happened for humanity.
The real issue is actually about the
Cabal/Illuminati - THE beings who
have succeeded in controlling and
influencing humanity for thousands
of years...the very reason why in my
opinion most people on the planet
wont even get an opportunity to Ascend.

Too much materialism, religious dogma, murders, corruption, greed etc.

So while there is an Asention process
Going on, i only see about 15 to 20
Percent of humanity Ascending this
Time around due to the Cabal.

While there is good news with respect
to them going out and losing power...
their messy legacy they have left human society with lives on still.

All i ask for personally is a better chance to live in 3D/4D.
personally i have never had any spiritual drive for myself.
Its not a part of my current make up.
Intellectually though its been an interesting 12 years of research for me
with some synchronicities and knowledge about me thrown in there.
I have been told i have lived out bad
Karma as a result of my previous life

Maybe in another earth time line will
i get a chance to 'go spiritual' ...if i can
afford the chance myself

Thank you, your previous message definitely resonates with me :)
Is there any way you can expand at all on my previous work with nature? I've been told before that I have a strong connection with nature and I have definitely felt it in my heart too, but to be honest, I have no "green-thumb" and I don't have the best track record of successful plants in my home (mostly due to laziness on my part I think). I want to change this though, and reconnect myself with nature, so if you have any insight into my previous work that might jump-start some motivation for me, that would be greatly appreciated :)
Also, I've been playing with psychokinesis lately and I have a strong feeling I can be pretty good at it with some more practice... is that related to what you said about me working with "consciousness on a more abstract level" in the past?
Thank you so much!

Hi sothis,

I hope I havent exhausted your services by asking too many questions in the past. There's another aspect I could use some answers on.

Am I a sacred clown? I've been debating this in my mind for some time. It seems that when I doubt myself, I can't rightly call myself a sacred clown or heyoka, and then ironically enough, it seems that I can ; and when I do call myself a sacred clown, I unbecome one.
A second perspective is what im looking for, and maybe then the question will cease.



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