I am offering a free spiritual service from a Sirian perspective. This includes knowledge from the hall of records that has been passed down through generations. This is a question and answer service, I can handle only one question per request. This is not something I carry lightly, so please ask with respect. I do not claim being a psychic, but I rather see this as being a part of who I am. I have been asked in the past by others for this service so I will now try it online. I will answer questions on the following topics for example:

1. Questions on spirituality

2. Questions concerning interpersonal relationships

3. Questions concerning events

4. Questions on cosmic origins

I will try to answer most topics, but this should give you a general idea. This is my first time doing this online so bear with me for now as I try to get to each question. I should be able to reply within 24 hours. If not I will let you know whether or not you can expect a reply within the next 24 hours.


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Hi Rolf,

I believe it is more like they "filled in" some missing pieces that you would have found out sooner or later. When you say chaotic blueprint, this makes me think that they were not of Sirian Heritage but are you sure they did not have other influences?

Hi Chereen,

It seems your life path has been mapped out rather clearly for you. Puzzles or the solving of puzzles for others is how I feel is that path that you are taking. I feel you are good at this and have quite a bit of talent, more so than those you know. You can also use your abilities to solve the puzzles in your own life. I hope this helps :)

Hello reever 420,

I think it was actually you that initiated the obe experience. I would say that you were exploring and your subconscious mind wanted to see what this was like. I think there may have been entities present when this happened, which is why the confusion. But I do not sense this was negative in any way.

Hello char au-dela,

Your romantic partner it seems is actually rather new on your timeline. However, this person is close to and reminds you of someone important and close to you from many of your previous lifetimes. I think they are actually linked so that the other person who knows you can return to your present. This is really interesting because while I sense that your partner is somewhat new there is some history going on. I hope this helps you :)

hello im here because i feel lost and i feel my kind can help but its really difficult as it seems i am the only one of my kind on earth i am hoping this will help me guide me to why i am here and what i need to do and others on earth

Hi sothis73. I would put my everything into my life path if I could find out....

What must I do to fully obtain my memories, to be able to come and go from the Akashic Records at will? I have an extremely strong urge to know my original plan for incarnating here, my "soul mission" (I believe I am a Sirian) and feel like failing to know this keeps me from truly exerting my fullest ambitions in service to the 'Tao'. Gaining this knowledge will put me at my best to serve humanity.

Thank you very much in advance for your generosity!

Hello sothis73, I've been to the Hall of Records twice through astral projection journeys but wasn't able to obtain the information i was looking for, both of those times i had been told by beings who called me one of their family member that i wasn't allow to read my akashic records yet and told me i needed to learn  love and compassion but that was 3 years ago and i've since gained more experiences on love and compassion.

At this point in my life as i am now, i feel like i am ready to confront them again but i haven't since been able to go the Hall of Records, i really want to learn more about my past lives, my true origins and my overall connection to everything so that i can use these information to further help other beings later on.

Was hoping if you could point me to the right directions, if i'm not asking too much, Thank You Kindly.

Wow thank you so much! I really connected with this. I have had many distractions lately and hope to get back on track soon. It has always been a passion of mine to help others awaken so thank you so much. This really means a lot to me. ):


Thank you all for your questions, I have had to take care of some tasks today and will return tomorrow with answers.

Thank you

Hi sothi73,

Thank you for your response, it did help bring clarity to me. :) Have a good week!

Love and light

Decision - Do i temporarily move into
Someone housing NZ Flat ?:

Should I just leave my current backpackers place and temporarily for 1 month live in the flat of someone I know who wants to leave for the month and I would pay both the electricity & the rent...

Here is the irony. I am on a registrar waiting list for a housing NZ place.
I had till the 18th to phone housing NZ, so I decided to do that.
I asked them if I could move into a persons housing NZ flat while they were away and pay the rent and electricity.
He said I could probably do that if it was pre arrangement with the housing NZ staff and the person who lives there.
The catch is, afterwards I have no guarantee that where I am currently living would still have a vacancy left, or that I would be able to find a flat, weather it be council/housing NZ/private.
so I would have to temporarily re-live again with my friend Stan in his council flat.
But guess what ?, he already asked the council if I could live with him in his flat for a while, and they said yes, I can for a about 3 weeks...but then I would have to leave.
Now this person offering to let me live in his housing NZ flat does not want housing NZ to know I am living there.
When ever I move and my rent also changes I have to inform housing NZ - but they could always confirm if I was still staying where I currently am - so if I move out, and they find a 1 month gap of time where im not living where I claim to be then they might not like that and it could jeopardise my opportunity to maintain being on the register with them.

This person with the flat sais that
Housing NZ are so in undated with people who are already homeless and
Living on the streets that they dont
Care where a person has lived and
Therefore would not bother to
Actually check/confirm if i have lived
At my current address.

This housing NZ person needs to see
A doctor in Auckland.
He lives in wellington like me.
It will take him a few days to arrange.
He sais it will be helpful to know by
Tomorrow what my decision is.

Do i move out ?

Yes i AM thinking about myself as
Well. But to be fair this person has
Also had a hard time in his life.
I would say hes in his 60s approxx.
Hes been in legal battles for over 20

I even looked his No up.
Numerologically i mean.
I met him through my friend Rodney
Im beginning to wonder to this person

So where am I going with all this ?
Simple: They say you have to 'trust' the universe.
The idea is that if I think things will be ok, then things will work out just fine.
However there is still the little issue of karmic repercussions.

I dont want to end up harmless

So how do I really know what to risk ?

When it comes to trust i have always
Said "Trust is earnt"
can i have a soul reading please...?

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