Hi, I am able to see mental images and sounds when I focus my mind. I have tutorial on how to learn and to do this by yourself. I thought maybe I shall try to make use of this mastery and give away psychic surgery and spiritual belongings retrieval when I am free.

The images and sounds and I see and hear are like raw information. They are similar to dreaming and requires interpretation to get useful information. Getting the raw information is easy, because they are generated when I focus at my mind. The longer I focus the more raw information I can get, but that will also depend on the detail of question I am focusing with.

The hard part is to interpret the raw information. This is intuitive at the same time needs logical sense too. Even sometimes the person who I gave the information to knows better than me, 

I will give the raw information I get first, and then try to interpret myself a bit. I will not make it too detail because it can take much time to do so.


The healing is mostly has to do the past life traumas, psychic attacks, psychic attachments, psychic injuries, etc. Usually I will see unfriendly liquid coming out of a something, odd wriggling tentacle things, roots of something, stuck weapons, changing shapes, etc.

Usually, they will disappear in the end. If I am doing this for myself, I will prepare myself a long time to do so because sometimes I requires like 30 minutes or more for a session. However sometimes if I am too busy, my mind will just adjust to me and do simple one. If I am doing for someone else, I will put a limit of 10 mins and it will choose the one that can be finished within the time. 

Spiritual belongings retrieval

However, not everything that looks bad has to be disappeared, Sometimes it may turn out to be a thing that is broken, captivated, deteriorated, stolen, etc, and need to be repaired, healed or brought back to use.

When that happens, usually I will see the things changes into its real form and moving into a proper place. 

There are things like sword, staff, rings, cloth, crystal, key, hat and maybe some body parts, which are related to your spirit self. 

Metaphorical reading 

Another thing is thy are mostly metaphorical. The raw information most of the time is unable to let me know what it is trying to say. I can't see direct human lingual messages. 

I can see 2D and 3D symbols, sometimes a shape of something. I can hear sound too but usually I don't focus at sound because they are all non human language. It is more efficient if I just focus at the visual.

Entities can appear to me as well, usually has to do with spirit guides or something related to subject.

They are mostly metaphorical, so it need to decipher to get the meaning from it.

When I do the thing, my body will moves by itself. So part of the information will be coming out from my body language, but I don't include that as raw information and I will interpret this part myself. 

If you want how to learn and do this by yourself, this is the tutorial here:



PM me if you have question on how to do it properly. Or you may ask this here too.

Be precise with your question.

I will do it when I am free. My schedule is 1 hours a day and if 10 mins for each person, I will only do 6 person per day. 


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Very interesting! Thank you I will reflect on this.

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