I offer you a Free Psychic reading.
You can make a question about whatever you want: past life, soul origin or any topic that interests you and I will reply as quickly as possible. If you want the reply on pm tell me. :)

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I'd love one!

What is my soul origin and any past lives?

Thank you. I'd like this in a PM.

I'd love a reading as I am just awakening
I'd love to learn more about my soul origin or past lives.
I'd love the reply in PM thank you so much

Hello Maria,

I would first like to thank you for the good things that you are doing here. I honestly appreciate very much. It helps a lot of people.

I'd also like a psychic reading as well relating to my soul origin and past lives.

You could reply either here or through PM, its up to you :).


Hi there.My question is in 2 parts , What are my repeating dreams of the past life, my twin flame, ( his name is Leo) and I shared trying to tell me about our mission and where we are heading in this life now?

what is my soul origin please?

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