I want to offer a free psychic reading.
I will accept requests for 3 days. Then I will close the post.
I reply on this post or by pm.
Only one question please. :)

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What is the soul connection between Leo and myself
jeeva :)

I see a great soul connection like twinflames. There are a lot of past life issues, some of these issues are very positive, another are karmic issues.
Your souls are connected but it isn't an easy relationship.

Altheya :)

I'd like to know what is holding back my energy. What might be blocking me and keeping me so tired?

Voided :)
Your lack of energy comes from yourself. You tend to dissipate your own energy in your environment. Your mind flies from one topic to another and you tend to overthink. Your emotions and the emotions of other people that you absorb within you also deplete you. I think you have to take life calmly. To recover the energy connected to the earth. If you can go to nature. Connect your first chakra to the earth. Breathe the pure air of nature or you can go to the sea. Its sound, its smell is soothing and so you can connect with your emotions calmly.

Hi Maria. I was wondering what message you get for me?
Thanks so much =)

Hey Maria, thanks for doing this. What element am I most in tune with?


Hi maria, thank you for doing this :) i would like to know any important messages or information that you can get from me, thank you!
Why am I having such a hard time beginning my career.
Thank You so much!

I would love a reading! Perhaps just a general reading about my path, or anything that stands out to you?

I want to ask for a relationship reading, I could really use one.
Can I PM you?

I'd like one, too! :) Could you reply by pm?

Thanks in advanced.

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