I got Again A new deck called The Wisdom Of The Golden Path

I would like to offer you a one card reading.

In exchange I would like you to follow me on Instagram, if you have one that is. My Instagram is Celestialtarot1111

Shanti Joy

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Sure, could you say if i ahould trust my new bf i live with my ex, and he wants to come here while my ex is here, to my bed etc and hes upset about the whole sit. (Im only living here until finances sorted but his mates and brother tells him im lying) so, anything how it would go, if he comes would be appreciated and wether i can trust him, thank you very much
What's in store for me?
Hey Helen

It is a complicated question however I hope this answer will bring clarity even if it is not a yes or no answer.

Your card is called Inspired Warrior

And the advice is that you should communicate to him what you really feel. Speak your truth. Making your feelings known will free you from this burden. Honesty and clear communication is always the best for everyone involved and is a sign of self respect to yourself.

A warrior always stick to his own code of ethics regardless of what other people do.

Ask him and tell him what you feel. Respect yourself enough to stand up for yourself.

Shanti Joy
Hey Moonstarlight

Your card is called the Goddess of Oneness

An upsurge of feminine goddess energy is coming your way. This would be a good time to celebrate with your female friends. To spread community amongst women.
It initiated by the Venus retrograde. Take this opportunity to embrace your feminine strength and to honor yourself as a woman.

Shanti Joy

Hi Joy,

I would like a reading if you have time.
Thank-you in advance. :)

Love, Light, and Peace.

Hi Joy, I find your readings very helpful and as I am going through several difficult life changes your support is much appreciated.
I'd like to find out if it's best to keep a personal secret to myself or to share with family and friends and risk rejection.

Done! :) Please may i have one? :)

Pull or deck one card for me,please.

Hey Taylor

Your card is called Nature.

You are guided to spend some time in nature to find back to your own guiding light. Finding back to your own true nature. Where are you heading right now? What steps are appropriate for you? This is a time to contemplate in solutide.

Shanti Joy

Your answer or rather advice comes as a card called Flames of Inspiration

What to take into account is wether this will give you inspiration and dampen your creativity, your responsibility is first towards yourself. Is this something that will be positive or negative for you. Regardless of their reactions. Within this lies your power. To act according to your own truth regardless of other people's reactions which ultimately is out of your control. I see this is essentially a question about healing your inner child. What do you feel is more like your true nature?

Shanti Joy


Your card is called Change

There is some big changes coming your way. It will be very intense and it will leave some chaos behind. So don't worry, it is universally guided and is ultimately very good for you. It will be challenging because you will face your own ego and fears. Allow the chaos and be okay with the feeling of being unstable.

Shanti Joy

Your called is called Don't Compromise

Stand with your convictions. Be true to your own ideals. In conformations with others be true to your own voice. This is a question about integrity. And an assurancee that your own descision is a wise one.

Shanti Joy

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