I have just started doing healings back in mid 2015 I believe and I have been doing it on and off but I want to get back to practicing it. So, post down below if you want a healing and it would be very appreciated if you would leave some feedback on if you felt anything in particular to this healing.

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I would love a healing please :)

Sent the healing.. Tell me if you felt anything. :) 

Thank you :) I felt it through my body and it went perfectly with my meditation :) 


I'd love if you could send me some healing! Thank you!

Alright, sent the healing. All set and done with the help of Archangel Raphael, My Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides. :) 

Tell me how you felt. 

Hi, thank you for doing this!

Unfortunatelly I was asleep when you sent the healing, so I can't give many details of how I felt...but I felt better this morning, so thank you again!


I would love a healing! I want to restore to my spirituality and dissapate these residual energies from an ex and his new endeavors

Sent the healing. :) 

I would love your feedback on if you felt anything. 

I would like one when you are able! Thanks a ton ❤❤❤

Sent the healings. Hope you felt something, I would love some feedback. :)

I feel much better, and the conflict I was having is resolving. Thank you.

I would love a healing too, if you don't mind. Thank you. :)



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