Hi all, 
I'm trying to get back into my personal practices so:
I'm offering free energy readings which would include a full analysis of your energy system and chakras.

From this I can tell: 
What areas are blocked/damaged
Possible energy types (you may have more than one. I do not guarantee this to be 100% accurate if you have multiples, but I will get the main one)
The type of "flow" of energy
uhh maybe more but I'll start with this (if any area is damaged and you are concerned, I can cleanse/heal them)

If anything I tell you is too brief and you have questions, feel free.

Disclaimer; I have my own set of beliefs, as do you. If you do not agree with what I do (or don't believe in it), that is fine and we can agree to disagree. I'm not here to step on toes, this is my own personal practice. If interested but skeptical, or just skeptical of me, just send me a pm to talk to me about it.

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can you do one for me. thanks

i would love one thank you so very much for offering such a service. namaste xxx Rose

Hi venbe,
if you're still doing this,
I'd really appreciate a reading.
thank you

love and light,

You're probably so overwhelmed with requests for this particular thread of scans, but if down the line you are still doing them I'd love to have one done!
Hi venbe, I'd like to have a reading too. With love n light!
I'd love a reading! But only when you have time and are able..I don't want you to overwhelm yourself :) With love and light!

Hello Venbe!! Could I have one as well?

Thank you!



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