Hi all, 
I'm trying to get back into my personal practices so:
I'm offering free energy readings which would include a full analysis of your energy system and chakras.

From this I can tell: 
What areas are blocked/damaged
Possible energy types (you may have more than one. I do not guarantee this to be 100% accurate if you have multiples, but I will get the main one)
The type of "flow" of energy
uhh maybe more but I'll start with this (if any area is damaged and you are concerned, I can cleanse/heal them)

If anything I tell you is too brief and you have questions, feel free.

Disclaimer; I have my own set of beliefs, as do you. If you do not agree with what I do (or don't believe in it), that is fine and we can agree to disagree. I'm not here to step on toes, this is my own personal practice. If interested but skeptical, or just skeptical of me, just send me a pm to talk to me about it.

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Hi Zan :') I can do it in a bit, get ready to be the first scan in ages :P lol

I would love this!


I would like one  if thats possible ,ty 

Hi venbe I would love to receieve a reading. If you have the time and it resonates :) thanks for your kind offer!
I would love one, thank you so much :) Happy New Year :)

I already know I won't get all of your affinities x_x lmao 

Overview: My first impression is purple(maybe black/darkness as well, hints of white/light?), it completely shrouds you like a shield. It's somewhat feels like waves rolling over and over... Like it's pushing me out as well lol. Your energy is very protective of you. It's very powerful, your system feels clean and the energy flows with ease.

Chakras: They appear to all be in working condition, if not more. The way I envision chakras is similar to wheels of fire, for which yours seem to burst with flames. If I were to pick on one, maybe the crown is less so than the others, but really not by much. 

Affinities: I was never great with this one. Alright let's see. There's a great fiery light (the light is of a fiery nature, not a fire affinity) energy to you, as well as the chaos. I want to say you may have an affinity dealing with water? But I may be misreading the form of energy you have for an affinity. It feels calmer and cooler than the the light, very beautiful. 

Let me know what you think, where I was weak, ect if you don't mind. Could be reply or pm if you prefer to be private :')

Overview: My first impression is of red-orange flames condensed mainly around your core. Upon viewing the energy system itself, there are blockages preventing your energy from fully flowing throughout; the blocked areas are from most to least is to the right side of your core, another below your sacral chakra, slight block on crown.

Chakras: Your heart, throat and third eye are the strongest/cleanest right now. Next in line is the crown, solar and root. The most blocked is the sacral, though maybe all you need for all your chakras is a good cleanse/grounding.

Affinities: I stand by that I believe you have a fire affinity, as well as an earth one. I also would like to note there is a sort of brighter light mixed in, but it may be apart of the fire. Overall it is red-orange, hints of a bright yellow/light and soft green tones. It feels mainly like a warm fire, inviting.

i would definitely like a reading. thank you! <3

id like one please

Hello venbe!

I'd love to get one if possible. Mainly because of this http://www.starseeds.net/xn/detail/2312030:Comment:4184288

Thank you & have a wonderful 2017! :D

**I will attempt to finish all readings, it just may take some time :) Thank you

Overview: My first impression is of your energy is dark hard earth surrounded by cool water... I'd bargain you mainly have earth energy, and the water sort of weaves in between. I believe your energy to be rather congested, it flows easier from the neck up but there is a good deal of blockage in your chest.

Chakras: Starting from the root: Your root chakra is the most blocked, I'd suggest grounding and cleansing asap. Your sacral is not as bad as the root, but could still stand to be cleansed. Your solar seems fine, it may grow stronger once the other chakras have been cleared. There is damage to your heart chakra, make sure to cleanse this one as well specifically, though it is not as blocked as your root. Your throat, third eye, and crown chakra are not damaged, but are blocked as well. You should do a full body cleanse if possible, if you do not know how or need help please feel free to pm me. Note that chakras overtime will get blocked/clogged naturally as well as clear naturally so it is up to you if you would prefer them clear now. Some people are more sensitive and feel better with cleansing, as well as it helps to perform EM or projections with a clear ES (energy system).

Affinities: As originally stated I believe you to have a water and earth affinity. I think earth to be your main type and water secondary. The earth seems to hold closest to you, while the water seems to weave and lay above the earth.

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