I'm a master in many Energy Healing systems including numerous Reiki systems, multidimensional, light codes, and quantum to name a few.

I am guided to offer free healings for whoever wants one on anything effecting and of the bodies. This means physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental. Please comment below or message me the situation. I can also do a general overall clearing if you don't have a specific thing in mind and just want to experience the amazing power of energy healing.

The system I use is different for all. It will be the system best for your needs. I will however tell you after the Healing which I used.

Important- after commenting please remain open to receive the healing. I will work through them as fast as possible while still respecting my energy and family time. Feed back is welcomed as long as it is not nasty.

To learn Energy Healing I am in the middle of putting all my information in a online school. I think I have 5 courses up now many more to come. http://awakened-rabbit.teachable.com

Love and light to you all

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I would like some energy healing have had alot of spiritual attacks from ets and other beings and i feel i have alot of pain from past lives even though i can,t remember anything.

I would like healing. I'm not exactly sure what I need as I have come out of a 7 year spiritual dark place. I came out of it reawakened and actually feel very positive, but still a bit unbalanced. I really would like to focus on understanding my empathic abilities or whatever other energy that I have inside that I feel is there to help people, and manifesting. I guess I just want to open up that higher self, and increase vibration. If that makes any sense. Sorry I have trouble communicating lol

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