Hello, my friends. <3

I've felt a little push to get more active within this community.  Since I've seen other people offering free card readings, I figured I would do the same. :)

I've had a beautiful deck called The Crystal Deck for some time, but only recently started really delving into it, so I would like some practice before adding it to my repertoire for real.  The deck is a really neat way to incorporate crystal healing and resonance without having to go out and purchase the actual crystals, which can be costly and inconvenient at times. 

Please comment below if you would like a free Crystal Deck reading/healing!


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I can be practiced on. Show me what you can do.

Thank you, Empress, for being my first "customer"! :)

The crystal card I drew for you was Moldavite, a fairly rare, translucent, deep green stone.

Key words connected to Moldavite are grounding, connection, and evolution.

Moldavite indicates a shift in consciousness, and its importance becomes more apparent as human consciousness evolves.  It grounding and connection qualities can help those who attune to it to tap into Earth's energies--certain legends surrounding Moldavite imply that it has extraterrestrial origins, and it can therefore be a powerful stone in bridging cosmic and earthly energies.  It teaches us to see the bigger cosmic picture while still reminding us of the beauty and gifts abundant on Earth.

Moldavite is an excellent catalyst stone in that it can help to enhance and aid the effects of other stones, making it a fantastic stone for any transformation or healing work.  It subtly acts to point out root causes of any dis-ease, particularly those of emotional causes.  It is also a powerful grounding stone, again intimating its connection to Earth energies.

Drawing this stone suggests that you, yourself, are a subtle yet powerful force for change, both in earthly and cosmic matters.  Beings of all origins can and may rely on you to tell them the truth, and, like Moldavite, you have a tendency to go to the source of the problem.  And like this stone, you are well-grounded; even if your eyes turn skyward, you have your feet firmly planted on the ground.

I hope this reading was meaningful to you. <3  Love and light!

I hate confirming certain things so ill just smile and let you wonder <3

I'm just glad you're smiling. :) <3

its a shame they are so rare and expensive

I'd have bought one

They really can be rather pricey, unfortunately.  Sometimes you can get lucky on Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy, though. ^_^

Can I have one? Thank you!

Hello, Luciana, and thank you!

The crystal card I drew for you is Smithsonite.  Smithsonite a lustrous, pearly stone that comes in a variety of colors, including bluish-green, lavender, pink, purple, brown, yellow, and white.  It is very diverse!

Key words connected to Smithsonite are soothing, nurturing, and accepting.

Smithsonite has deep healing properties on account of its strong nurturing and soothing energies.  It is a great accessory to inner child work; healing of any emotional wounds or emotional attachment that reach back to our childhoods and working slowly and patiently to with strong love energy to bring us back to a sense of peace and tranquility.  Smithsonite energy is not about "quick fix" or Band-Aid healing; it is deeply patient and requires a deep sense of trust and love.  Like a soothing mother figure, Smithsonite's energies are gentle and subtle.

Smithsonite is very harmonious and works well with other stones to shine the light of consciousness on what holds us in the past and what we need in order to let go.  It promotes kindness and is a powerful stress-reliever.  Like a warm hug, Smithsonite can buffer us against life's vagaries; it helps to build self-esteem and a sense of being worthy to give and receive love.

Drawing this stone suggests that you often act as a maternal figure with patient and wise counsel; that your presence is simultaneously soothing and strengthening; that you prefer to guide rather than instruct.

I hope this reading was meaningful to you.  Love and light! <3

I would like to have on to.


Hello and thank you, joskoM!

The crystal card I drew for you is Opal.  Often iridescent and fiery, Opal comes in a variety of colors ranging from deep purple, black, and brown to shimmery red, orange, and yellow.  They often take on a milky appearance.

Key words connected to Opal are magnifying, emotional, and prophecy.

Sometimes referred to as the Queen of Gems, Opal has often been seen as a portent of luck--whether good or bad is ultimately dependent on the karma of the individual.  Likely, it is Opal's perception as a stone of prophecy that connects it with such conflicting attributes.  Certain teachings even state that Opal can be potentially dangerous to wear or use if one is not attuned with it; it's fiery nature is not one to be trifled with! 

Opals are hypnotic and seductive, and they work to magnify emotions and increase self-esteem.  They help us work through emotional issues, particularly those we carry over from past lives, and to work through them by taking responsibility for our actions and our feelings.  Opals force us to "put down the magnifying glass and pick up the mirror"; that is, they force us to confront in our own selves what we might criticize in others.  As such, they are a powerful stone for introspection and meticulous objective personal reflection.  Opal will not leave you hanging, however; it can help to stabilize mood swings and emotional fluctuations.  It can also increase our sensitivity to the emotional states of others, making it exceptionally powerful in the hands of empaths.

Opal is particularly good for alleviating negative mental states such as depression and low self-esteem or self-worth.  

Drawing this stone signifies that it may be time to deeply consider your current love and emotions.  Focus on yourself for a little while.  After all, you can't heal the world until you, yourself, are healed.  Honor yourself, and listen to your own heart.  You likely have incredible clarity of vision and strong mental focus, but do not forget to take care of you.

I hope this reading was meaningful to you.  Love and light to you! <3

i would love one:)

Hello firenze, and thank you!

The crystal card I drew for you is Muscovite.  A layered, pearly stone, Muscovite tends towards red, pink, and violet, but can also be found in other colors such as yellow or green.

Key words connected to Muscovite are reflective, flexible, and insight.

Muscovite is a highly angelic stone and corresponds with a deep sense of spiritual growth.  With strong mystical connections and affinity for the heart chakra, Muscovite opens the heart to visions and stimulates the raising of love vibrations.  It inspires intuitive and psychic skills, and reveals much that is problematic with humanity.  Using love energy, Muscovite helps us recognize all aspects of our Self and enables us to see clearly by dispelling deception.

It is a stone of change, and it promotes clarity of understanding--of our Self, others, and the world around us.  Muscovite supports the process of growth with loving acceptance.  It is a powerful stone for encouraging restful sleep, which is of great importance to all aspects of healing. 

Drawing this stone suggests that you are a deeply caring person with much love to give.  You are liable to listen, absorb, and reflect, and you often have the ability to see to the heart of a problem. 

I hope this was a meaningful reading for you, love and light! <3



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