I've just recently tried to start vegetarianism. I have been wanting to cut meat out for a long time now but have lacked the funds to eat properly and stay healthy without up until now.

I'm sure cutting meat out though isn't the only thing I need to be doing. I know raw vegetables and vegetables cooked below a certain heat is good too. Fruits, and idc what anyones says.. I'm keeping my tea lol. I love tea!

Other than those things, though.. does anyone have any advice? Not just about types of food but maybe recipes or ways to incorporate things?

I DON'T think diet is as important as some make it out to be. Its another part of the illusion but I AM HUMAN so I have to play by human rules... right now ;)

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Iam sure you have done your home work on the no meat diet. Do to my race and motabolizm i have to have meat. I lasted 5 months before i practicaly almost died. I feel sick if i do not eat it no matter how much i substitute protines from veggies and fruits. The hardest part is the withdralws from meat. So take the time to slowly exclude meat. Going cold turkey can cause issues as your body needs to learn to matabolize your new diet change efficiently. My body takes 2 weeks to adjusted yours amy be diffrent. You may also be tired during the adjustment or lack of energy. Teas are benifical so i dont see why you would have to drop them. Exspcaly green tea. You will need to eat more frequently as fruits and veggies lack calories. I like to steam my veggies as it locks in nutrition and flavor. Vs open flame heat braking down the vitamins. Or boiling and a lot of it goes to the jucies and cooked out. breads home made are good. I have a soy muffin recipe i can post later if you like soy. A word of warrning if you go with out meat for more than 6 months and decide to randomely have meat. Be prepared to pisibaly be sick. Your taste buds my say yes! But your guts may say wtf are you doing!!! But iam sure you knew most of that already. Just let me know if you want soy muffins.

Also if your looking for recipies probaly should mention any food allergy you might have. So they dont give you anything you can eat.

I think human is INCREDIBLY important, and part of being human and growing to a higher vibration is to be IN your body and as present there as possible. You know the idea; like meditation teaches you, live in the moment and not the past or the future.

Your body is communicating with you all of the time and when you quieten the mind your body will communicate with you about what it needs. That is nutritionally, movement-wise, when it needs rest, when it needs specific activities.

The more you listen to your body the more you will open yourself to the universe and the possibilities of inviting love into your life, but you will also start to see the impact that unhealthy and processed food has on your body and your overall spiritual energy. My advice is to look into your gut health. 80% of your body's immune system is based here so making the choice to look after this part of your health is going to also reflect in your outer world. Fermented foods are good for this.

Practical advice; eat fermented foods if you can and avoid dairy. Fermented foods can be eaten alone as snacks or added into salads and sandwiches. Soups and stews are really good for making in bulk and if you only use vegetables, pulses, and stocks without oil you can eat as much as you want without worrying that you're doing your body wrong.

Make sure you are eating enough pulses and grains (quinoa, bulgar wheats, cous cous) try to avoid over-processed grains that have sugars and sodium added to them. Smoothies, sauces and curries are also great for packing in spices and herbs that are really really good for you and easy to make as you just blend them together and hey-presto, a bunch of amazing nutrients in a few bites.

But honestly; just listen to your body. It will crave things that is needs nutritionally to be as happy as possible.

I too also lack the funds to eat properly so I won't eat. Why is organic so expensive. There are less processes involved? Is it just supply and demand? Uh I refuse to eat poison. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and severe depression and it all gone now all cause I took supplements to decalcify my pineal gland meditation and stopped eating poison. I was so bad that my joints were hurting I had severe breathing problems...asthma. they were about to diagnose me with Parkinson's maybe even dementia cause shook so bad I couldn't even write my name and kept forgetting where I was at from time to time. I'm completely cured. So I refuse to eat poison. Thanks for sharing this is a great discussion...very important!

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