when a star shoots across the sky

and you wonder why

is it an angel answering a prayer

some traveler going somewhere

what should I do

where should I go

like a leaf turned to and fro

I sit on a bench waiting for a cab

and the cab drives by me

not one stops ot help me carry anything but they do give me

mean glaces

I go to a place I normally am welcome and everyone avoids me and sits in a little group

I find myself heartbreakingly alone and hurting

and my soul is bleeding I reach for a band aid but realize it is not how I feel or if people like me that is important but my mission here and what I do to make a good difference and if I hold ot that after a while I should not feel so lonely

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Aww it's ok Johanna, we are here for you f you need help or guidance, we all came here together so we can all do it together! Much love to you, you have your star family and us guiding you and are always here and I love how poetic you are, very creative!

I think, you are feeling what we are each going through.

The more we become psychic, global, connected, the more our bodies seem inadequate. Even naked in bed with each other, it's like we are gingerbread people. I think our bodies are becoming capable of so much more. Maybe before we achieve more we have to perceive the room for improvement. 

Next time anyone cries on their pillow, just know that we are together in solitude. Alone Together : )

This message was deleted. I failed to read the whole thing

awesome, thanks! so true

thanks  that is so sweet

Yeah I'm reconnecting with loneliness myself these days, had to break off my engagement during the holidays hah, but I remind myself that we always have our entourages (solar angel/soul to practice talking to, the guardian angel behind you, your ascended master if you have one, your body's elemental, even your shadow self although regularly is probably unhealthy). We're never truly alone, we just have bad intuition so it seems that way.

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