I was wondering what you have to share about David icke and his theories.

Just whatever you like to discuss. Good or bad. Any topic.

I personally think he is on spot with the presentation of mass manipulation.

Shanti Joy

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david icke is a top bloke :) all credit to his efforts, when another has put in so much effort to uncover the truth, let him speak otherwise keep your oppinions to yourself..there is no propaganda only the truth..and does not need to be sugar coated.

He does come across as trustworthy, but the thing with the truth is that it is well hidden from us. Even from him so he is definitely on track but he might not be truly informed either.

Shanti Joy

There's good and bad about him. I like some of his presentation because he is a good talker. And yes, he uncovers a lot of the hidden agendas that manipulate humanity.

But it has been correctly said too that he is spreading a lot of fear and paranoia not just regarding reptilians but the "end of the world" in general.

As always with every kind of media or public person spreading something, one has to develop one's own competence of filtering out what is right and useful and what is just fear propaganda and storytelling to get the audience's attention.


Yes I think the biggest problem is not him or what he is saying but the publics tendency to submit themselves too any famous people and idolize them. Instead of taking everything with a pinch of salt and just his opinion as any other individuals opinion.

Shanti Joy

Hey Joy, interesting question with no definitive answer. When I was young and still at that level of learning and growth I found much of what David presented as new and helpful as it presented a different viewpoint of the world than the one I had been force fed up to then. Dave wasn't the only one though, Jim Marrs was also around and presenting much of the same information.

What made Icke stand out and thus big in the 'awakening' world was his infamous "problem-reaction-solution theory. A great theory without a doubt, and a theory that still rings true today. For me though, that was his only real contribution as everything else he says is merely repetition of decades old information and personal beliefs modernized for each book or tour.

I don't find his obvious reptilian bias offensive, merely informative as it provides me a context to interpret everything he says. Icke is merely a weak minded human who has no understanding or control over his emotional and cognitive world. He was taught that one or more reptilians were/are to blame for all his problems so in typical human fashion blames every reptile for the actions of the few. He is basically an intergalactic racist disguised as a researcher and enlightened teacher.

The reality is that he is getting old and his health isn't what it once was. When humans get towards the latter parts of their lives they begin to tremble in fear at their own mortality. I wonder how much of an effect this is having on David, getting old and having the health issues he has had. He basically walked away and quit interacting with people on his forum years ago. Once he left the forum slowly devolved into a chaotic pool of petty emotions and ego trips that at best are mildly amusing but uninformative.

Overall I would say that I am neutral in regards to David Icke. I respect what he has tried to do even though I don't agree with all his beliefs. I personally have lost all but the nostalgic interest in him lately as he seems to have decided to never present anything new anymore and instead keep churning out the same rhetoric that pays.


Yes I do believe he is good in some ways and bad in other ways. But yes he is not very compassionate. I liked some of his stuff but found some tipping on the edge like he said something that the moon isn't real.

Shanti Joy
Huge respect for him. Obviously can't agree with all of his beliefs or views(same as anybody) but he was iconic being the first to bring programming and reptilian interference to public awareness. Decades ahead of his time. 99% of all theories and concepts are nonsense or erroneous in some fashion, and the essence of his data was correct.

Apologies if I have hurt the "feelings" of any reptilian descendants with the previous "micro aggression". I'm sure they had a good reason for eons of enslavement.
And I'm sure you have a good reason for believing that garbage.


I do. I don't hate the reptilians but are you suggesting that they have not had a direct hand in the torture of humans on earth in various ways?

I can't emphasis how hilarious I find it that people are putting forward the notion that reptiles or "your people" have been somehow the victims. It's like saying we should generate awareness for the elites because people are unfairly questioning their motives, and they deserve respect and sympathy. Or that the KKK are much misunderstood.

Reptiles have been dangerous to humans in the past and present. And so have tigers. I don't hate tigers, but I wouldn't drape a ring of daisys around it neck because it would eat me.

It's called reality, when emotions and attachments and all the other chaff has been eliminated. If I happened to meet an Arcturian and a Reptile in a bar, only one of them is getting a drink. Capis?

That is exactly what I'm suggesting. And if you can find me one piece of real, verifiable evidence that they've even been on this planet, let alone that they run a global scheme of torture and slavery, then I will cede the point. But you can't, because everything that undergirds this worldview is tangential, distorted, interpretive, or outright false; all based on mythology and fabricated channelings. And this is not just the case for reptilians. There is no verifiable proof that any extraterrestrial species has been on this planet. Do you realize how damning that is for your worldview? If there really were an alien crime syndicate causing global murder and mayhem, wouldn't there be some proof of their existence? A live specimen, a cadaver, a skeleton, a DNA sample, a photograph, anything. But no. Apparently the world's biggest enemy is also the world's best kept secret. Absurd. The notion of human exceptionalism really is such a cancer-- the galaxy does not revolve around us. We are not that interesting. Further, reptiles are not reptilians, just as chimps are not humans, so the argument of an animal threat is entirely unconvincing. My final question for you: what good are you really accomplishing by promulgating hatred against an entire class of being? Not a political sovereign or even a species, but a taxonomy that includes who knows how many innocent beings. You may as well say mammals are abominable and innately dangerous because some sects of humans have a penchant for murder, torture, slavery, genocide, war, and imperialism.

Well that is hilarious. Tangible evidence? Ah, you're one of those scientific rationalists aren't you. Well, its nigh on impossible to break through those walls. Sure, a super advanced race are going to leave one of their tails behind for the FBI to pick up on and report to the media.

So ALL channelings from Plaeidians Davidians, Spirit guides, archangels, Arcturians, Andromedians etc are all deluded with their silly agenda. And you, Mr logician, know it all. Perhaps Quora would be a better bet?

Actually, we are that interesting. Many races are eagerly watching us. Earth is the living library. Obviously we are not the be all and end all, but in this localized galaxy it is a decent show.

Again, you are twisting reality to suit your argument. I am not "promulgating" hatred against reptiles. I am "promulgating" the reality of what is and was - reptilian interference. It's the truth. By your reasoning, we should not mention Auschwitz as it would incite hatred against the Germans, even though it happened.

I have no intention of going to war with reptiles or promulgating hatred. As I said, I wouldn't buy one a drink. Not my kind of "people" but that may change.

You've ascribed an awful lot to my argument which I never claimed, perhaps to offset the deficiencies in yours. I would not consider myself a scientific-rationalist, though it's puzzling that you find such people to be laughable. Where possible I guide my thought by science, reason, and fact-- as should we all. But the philosophy has a profound lack of appreciation for the metaphysical and spiritual, owing to its dogmatic adherence to determinate materialism. There are many phenomena with which science does not concern itself because it has no way of measuring, manipulating, or testing them, and I am not content to dismiss these things offhand. And this is why I did not ask for tangible proof. I asked for verifiable evidence, any reason to believe what you're saying. And despite the fact that you could not furnish any, you still insist that it is the truth, that it is reality. Do you really not see why that isn't a convincing argument?

Yes, all channelings are informed by their "silly" agenda. First. no one representative can speak for an entire race, so any message channeled from an individual is skewed by worldview. Second, no race outside of hivemind or networked consciousness has a collective which can be channeled. Many channelers use this as a convenient means to dismiss the first objection, but in doing so they deny what it means to be an individual. Third, channelers themselves intentionally or unintentionally give their own slant to channeled information, again based on their worldview. Fourth, channeling has become an essentially New Age medium so that authors looking to cash in on the naivete and credulity of a population can and do fabricate them. Look at all the contradictions between messages and predictions which never manifested, and you'll see the proof of that. Fifth, the fiction of the overwhelming majority of channelings does not therefore mean they have no value. There is much wisdom to be gleaned from the fiction of human authors throughout history, but clearly it would not do to take the events as fact. 

Regardless of your personal feelings, regardless of your intent, you are promulgating hatred. The allegation of global scale torture and manipulation, both past and present, evokes immediate hatred from the majority of those credulous few who would believe it. It is difficult to deny, no matter your belief as to the existence or moral fiber of reptilians, that they have become one of the most if not the most reviled alien races in the galactic mythos. That would not be so if people were not spreading the narrative that they are the space boogeyman.

Your analogy to the holocaust is lacking though not unexpected, as you're right, it actually happened, and there's verifiable evidence to that effect. The idea of reptilian torture and manipulation is more akin to the Bowling Green massacre, which despite right-wing allegations never actually happened, and which was used to promote a climate of fear and hatred toward Muslims. Nevertheless, to your point, "those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it". The holocaust should be remembered. But it should not be weaponized and reiterated like mortar fire to assault the image of Germany and the German people. This is why many people distinguish between the German people, most of whom were innocent, and the Nazis, who as a political entity actually enacted the genocide. You see why the distinction is so crucial.



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