I was wondering what you have to share about David icke and his theories.

Just whatever you like to discuss. Good or bad. Any topic.

I personally think he is on spot with the presentation of mass manipulation.

Shanti Joy

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Well that is hilarious. Tangible evidence? Ah, you're one of those scientific rationalists aren't you. Well, its nigh on impossible to break through those walls. Sure, a super advanced race are going to leave one of their tails behind for the FBI to pick up on and report to the media.

So ALL channelings from Plaeidians Davidians, Spirit guides, archangels, Arcturians, Andromedians etc are all deluded with their silly agenda. And you, Mr logician, know it all. Perhaps Quora would be a better bet?

Actually, we are that interesting. Many races are eagerly watching us. Earth is the living library. Obviously we are not the be all and end all, but in this localized galaxy it is a decent show.

Again, you are twisting reality to suit your argument. I am not "promulgating" hatred against reptiles. I am "promulgating" the reality of what is and was - reptilian interference. It's the truth. By your reasoning, we should not mention Auschwitz as it would incite hatred against the Germans, even though it happened.

I have no intention of going to war with reptiles or promulgating hatred. As I said, I wouldn't buy one a drink. Not my kind of "people" but that may change.

You've ascribed an awful lot to my argument which I never claimed, perhaps to offset the deficiencies in yours. I would not consider myself a scientific-rationalist, though it's puzzling that you find such people to be laughable. Where possible I guide my thought by science, reason, and fact-- as should we all. But the philosophy has a profound lack of appreciation for the metaphysical and spiritual, owing to its dogmatic adherence to determinate materialism. There are many phenomena with which science does not concern itself because it has no way of measuring, manipulating, or testing them, and I am not content to dismiss these things offhand. And this is why I did not ask for tangible proof. I asked for verifiable evidence, any reason to believe what you're saying. And despite the fact that you could not furnish any, you still insist that it is the truth, that it is reality. Do you really not see why that isn't a convincing argument?

Yes, all channelings are informed by their "silly" agenda. First. no one representative can speak for an entire race, so any message channeled from an individual is skewed by worldview. Second, no race outside of hivemind or networked consciousness has a collective which can be channeled. Many channelers use this as a convenient means to dismiss the first objection, but in doing so they deny what it means to be an individual. Third, channelers themselves intentionally or unintentionally give their own slant to channeled information, again based on their worldview. Fourth, channeling has become an essentially New Age medium so that authors looking to cash in on the naivete and credulity of a population can and do fabricate them. Look at all the contradictions between messages and predictions which never manifested, and you'll see the proof of that. Fifth, the fiction of the overwhelming majority of channelings does not therefore mean they have no value. There is much wisdom to be gleaned from the fiction of human authors throughout history, but clearly it would not do to take the events as fact. 

Regardless of your personal feelings, regardless of your intent, you are promulgating hatred. The allegation of global scale torture and manipulation, both past and present, evokes immediate hatred from the majority of those credulous few who would believe it. It is difficult to deny, no matter your belief as to the existence or moral fiber of reptilians, that they have become one of the most if not the most reviled alien races in the galactic mythos. That would not be so if people were not spreading the narrative that they are the space boogeyman.

Your analogy to the holocaust is lacking though not unexpected, as you're right, it actually happened, and there's verifiable evidence to that effect. The idea of reptilian torture and manipulation is more akin to the Bowling Green massacre, which despite right-wing allegations never actually happened, and which was used to promote a climate of fear and hatred toward Muslims. Nevertheless, to your point, "those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it". The holocaust should be remembered. But it should not be weaponized and reiterated like mortar fire to assault the image of Germany and the German people. This is why many people distinguish between the German people, most of whom were innocent, and the Nazis, who as a political entity actually enacted the genocide. You see why the distinction is so crucial.

@Daniel O'Keeffe, I'm sorry, I don't think hard headedly combating your belief systems about reptilian beings is a good idea, so I believe simply stating my opinions here is the only way to go about this. What you said in your first comment is indeed offensive, and your metaphorical bandaid in the form of a sarcastic apology doesn't compensate. I can agree to what Zaikan is saying 100%, and I enjoy what he has said in regards to these subjects on this thread.

I am someone who is deeply connected to reptilian beings and they are what I feel is my real family, and serves as a symbol of hope. The deep prejudiced against reptilians that is very widespread is very hurtful, and though I may not show it or go into an emotional parry regarding this in my responses on these subjects, it does indeed effect me greatly that people have endowed such hateful ways of thinking towards beings that I love and respect so dearly and closely ever since I was a young boy... simply because of hear-say... simply because someone has spread their ideals and others have followed. In my current way of being, these beings are considered eternal family thanks to self discoveries I had a few years back. Please consider my position, and how it feels to be on my end.

Anyway, instead of getting into detail about my thoughts on this subject, I think it's better to simply refer you to a thread I made a long time ago. I hope you enjoy my friendly referral to what is simply my take on all of this. The link is below, enjoy!



Some of his theories are interesting, but he seems to generalize certain things and people (jewish people, reptilians, etc.) And I see that as being harmful to project this negative connotation to everyone that watches him.

what about dem fishes? dey iz haz scales too. you cant see them coming! Think about that the next time you go swimming in a lake. Don't ever swim in the ocean thats crazy.

So many people just have an irrational fear of snakes and spiders. Kil all the snakes because bible. Òooooohhh noooooo the plague! kill them cats too.

Poor little snakes, and lizards. They are so beneficial for the ecosystem and are super rare here in Canada. Climate change is wreaking havoc on their communities as well.

I wonder if David Icke grew up in australia?

You know what animals kill the most people in north america? Moose and deer.

I don't like the man because he blames the evils the corrupt elite are doing with goverment on to extraterrestrials who have nothing to do with it, with his reptilian agenda anti-ET agenda. People lap this lie because it sounds like a Hollywood movie and they don't know anything about extraterrestrial life, and it makes sense to them because the corrupt elite mostly alienate themselves from society in general, so they believe they must be alien.

Like Alex Jones he tends to lean towards manipulating people for a political agenda to bait voters (Eg.Pro Trump and Pro Brexit, where he does not mention that Brexit was created by the corrupt elite and the outcome gambled on like a horse race, with the cost of citizens lives).

Then lastly he does not understand transgender or intersexed people, and is ignorant about it believing it is a conspiracy to sissify men, when transgender is actually basically people born with brains of a specific gender opposite to the sexual organs that has been generally used to define the gender of their bodies. Intersexed people are a step up from this, where it not only a mind/body difference, it may be genetic and chromosome related and having partial or complete set of both sexual organs.

For most cases you may be right, but in this case, no. Quoting the word "feelings" on top of the condescending remark, "I'm sure they had good reason for eons of enslavement" was clearly a passive aggressive statement purely with the intention of verbally incriminating reptilians.

In any case, my response to it wasn't aggressive in the least, and I believe I responded well to what I used to get overly emotional about.

His new scapegoat is transgender people.

I love his work, even though fear mongering. Though Jordan Maxwell is one of my favorites. And Christopher Everard from Enigma TV makes some of the best documentary films ever by studying the elites and the occult and their history.

I disagree about the last part. I am no believer in that, "we're born that way" minset with what people call, "sexual orientation." I personally believe all people to kind of be neutral, and that it is primarily based of what we're exposed to as we grow during our childhood that has an enormous effect on our sexual preference as an adult (not suggesting it is unchangeable, because it is my belief in that a person can change their sexual preference if it's truly what they want, and if their will is strong)

My outlook is proficiently backed by stats such as: The percentage of convicted child sex offenders that have documentation of having been sexually molested or raped when they were a child, compared to those who have not.

Icke was never pro Trump. This is why he split from the alt-right part of the independent media like Infowars Breitbart etc.

Yes he was, he is..., he is also pro Brexit, which is part of creating the new war UK-USA Trident nuclear alliance on the cost of the health and wellbeing of UK citizens, which is part of this "alt right, pepe the frog KEK regime.to let big corp insurance companies take over the NHS. He is part of the propaganda regime of the industrial military complex, mainly focusing on the extraterrestrial scapegoating propaganda, aka anti-ET agenda to keep the public ignorant about extraterrestrials, keep them ignorant that it is only greedy earth humans causing all the planet's problems, and to keep people afraid of extraterrestrial life which reduces the chances of first contact, (well practically ended it since a year ago), and to keep the extraterrestrials away from intervention and disrupting their war machine. The more people who trust and understand extraterrestrials or even friends with them, the more protection the people have which makes it harder for the industrial military complex to carry on its war business.

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