I was wondering what you have to share about David icke and his theories.

Just whatever you like to discuss. Good or bad. Any topic.

I personally think he is on spot with the presentation of mass manipulation.

Shanti Joy

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OH I didn't know that. Well there is the tricky part where you don't have access to the right information. yes I leave all the doors open until it has been proven false.

Any good books you have for me to read?

Shanti Joy

Hi List of Good Books and Videos (older ones) Most are on esoteric not really New Age... more generic to most paths..sources of info.

Dave’s Video + Book List


Many of the books on this list are becoming hard to find. 


Used book stores are an invaluable place to find some of the older esoteric books in general at low prices.


The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier; about various occult groups 1960

These two books are by the Psychic Mark Probert and getting hard to find.

The Magic Bag: A Manuscript Dictated Clairaudiently to Mark Probert link to purchase


E Yada di Shi’ite, Clairaudiently to Mark Probert  website http://www.soulwise.net/yada-00.htm this book is available from Amazon

The Jane Roberts Seth Speaks (I liked) and her books are not bad. I liked her book the Education of Over Soul Seven.. a fiction account of what a Spirit Guide deals with when helping out an earth plodder)

Ruth Montgomery books Books in General. She did automatic writing and was a well known news paper columnist. See Amazon. These books are easy reading and a good introduction those new in areas of Atlantis, ETs, Healing. Earth Changes, Past Civilizations etc.

Grandfather by Tom Brown Jr.

Awakening Spirits: A Native American Path to Inner Peace, Healing, and Spiritual Growth (Religion and Spirituality) by Tom Brown Jr. (This book provides a short cut method to stepping into spirit by passing the meditation approach)

A number of Tom Brown Jr.s books may be of interest too

Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack Paperback – August 1, 2011 by Dion Fortune  I did not buy any of her other books but this one was excellent.


Hearts in Atlantis (2001 director Scott Hicks) A good movie but theme of US government picking up Psychics

What Dreams May Come (1998 director Vincent Ward)

Babylon 5 TV series (aliens and earth interaction with one group called the Shadows and the other Vorlons  created 1994 creator J. Michael Straczynski )

The material is for those who are looking and enjoy.. Yes i have many others too..

Cheers Dave



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