I was wondering what you have to share about David icke and his theories.

Just whatever you like to discuss. Good or bad. Any topic.

I personally think he is on spot with the presentation of mass manipulation.

Shanti Joy

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My impression if his information is that there are beings of this reptilian race in their lower states of consciousness that are the ones trying to invade this earth. As I understand it, it is a phase of evolution from the lower planes to the higher. And that there are evolved reptilians too. The problem as I see it is that they are manipulating people's free will in such a degree that it is violating.

I do think the only solution and answer is to raise ones own frequency and treat people from the law of one. If it is even necessary to understand exactly how it is happening or if one even can see it is conscious planning and behavior regarding the things that are happening in society like floradation of water, vaccines and creating weather changes. I don't know. Maybe they are all unconsciously doing these things but it all just seems so structured.

But if we all look within ourselves to our own ego we also carry these seeds within us. We are all one. So as I see it is all a part of evolution and that they are not evil or bad just in a more separation phase of evolution and more driven by fear.

That is also my understanding of his information. But I can see no compelling reason to use reptilian beings in his assessment of the geopolitical situation. To claim without evidence that the elites or the power structure or what have you are in fact a legion of shapeshifting reptilians which have infiltrated our society... it seems utterly naive. Is it not possible that human beings are capable of shortsighted or sociopathic action? That we might be capable of harming one another, obscuring and denying truth, and enforcing our will on others? Or are all humans who have done harm suddenly and conveniently called reptilian infiltrators? Isn't this the same logic that founded the witch trials? notions of demonic possession? all other manner of superstitions used to explain why people commit evil acts.

My first intuition, one that I still believe to be true, is that the so-called "reptilian agenda" is a way of externalizing or projecting human evils onto a scapegoat or thought-form so that we do not have to face our insecurities about the reality of said human evil. It is a way of saving ourselves, of relinquishing responsibility. Because if we admit that human beings have the capacity to perpetrate this kind of evil, we must face that same capacity for evil in ourselves. 

It doesn't change what must be done. The agenda is the same, the harms are the same. I don't care who people blame or what illusions they must believe in to preserve their psyche. But I am concerned that encouraging this kind of fear and hatred of the other is in fact counterproductive.

Well I think why he talking a lot about reptilian has historical reasons. What he has found in history about reptilian demi gods and all these snake and dragon stories. Archeological paintings and stories about take over.
He means they have been in power for a long time, due to their advanced technology they have been the royal houses and that is what is meant by blue blood. But of course it is hard to research history,. But I found it very interesting. A lot of coincidences and a lot of patterns revolving around this.

Of course we can not get stuck into projecting evil like we have no part of it. But as I see it, it is not even evil it is just unconsciousness. A lower dimension.

But the informations about what is going on must surely be spread but shouldn't be met with fear and violence. Then you are actually acting and spreading more evil.

At least I can respect that. There is a lot of mystery buried in so-called "forbidden archaeology". Still it's telling that he zeroes in on the draconic and reptilian beings when there are just as many depictions of avians, canids, felines, humanoids, zetans, and so on... many of them represented as gods ruling over humanity. To single out one ethnic type seems arbitrary, unless it is an intentional appeal to people's instinctual fear of reptiles. And I must question why shapeshifting beings intent on infiltrating the upper echelons of government would appear in their native reptilian forms to primitive peoples... why then and not now? Doesn't that seem the least bit convenient, that they may be reptilian even if they're not because hey, shapeshifters?

I suppose you're right. Evil is a convoluted subject. Morality is relative and all that. I guess I've learned to place so much emphasis on balance that anything which deliberately upsets that balance seems evil. And while the world is only in balance when creative and destructive forces work in unison, it feels as though the trajectory of our society bends toward annihilation. 

Yes I think it is vital people start questioning things, and I do believe it is not fair a fair playing field when you use all of these technologies and do things in the shadows above people's head. They do not really understand what they are agreeing to when they live in our society.
I was thinking about him the other day. I dont fully agree with him on all reptilian spreading negative stuff about them but yet I admire him. Have to agree with Zaikan there.
Yes I agree, that if you are trying hard to make a point you can't get all perspective right if you are only one person. And I don feel he is trying to tell you not to listen to other sources either.

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but has anyone been to David Icke's forum? I guess it's members follow him? From what I've seen there, it's a chaos. People blame everyone. I'm not sure are some in panic, but I've read some topic where they believe angels are evil and just some alien race that take form in a shape of an angel to misguide and trick us. And so on. I actually came to that forum long time ago to find out more and I was interested in truth, but I got even more confused then. Otherwise, I don't know much about Dave and his intentions, is he lost or found, maybe both.

Hi Vala. I have never felt anything good from Icke -- and I've known about him a long time, even during his days as a BBC sports broadcaster. I have starseed friends who undoubtedly will disagree profoundly with me here, but Icke's energy does not feel conducive in the least. I haven't read any of his books: I don't feel I need to. For me, intuition is the key about any kind of energy and we all follow our own souls, don't we? :)

Ike has it right and wrong. A lot of ET groups operating here on earth have their criminal elements attempting to profit from the naive humans. Some are bored looking for fun others just for plain old profit. So reptilians... from personal experience the Pleiadians (sp) are the biggest of the criminally interfering races, messages of peace and love... a good smoke screen... their messages are not quite as spiritually as many make them out to be.

The biggest problem we all have when the truth is sought is the unofficial US policy of direct interference with anything to do with the esoteric. The whole area was weaponized and put under close monitoring by Ronald Reagan as part of his star wars project. So the US tax dollars are spent in mass by black ops groups to spy on New Agers, Pagans and anyone who crosses a specific spiritual threshold. Misinformation campaigns have become so great that myself I find any spiritual book written after 1984 to be more often misleading than true or a good source for personal growth. So look at books and materials before that date if you wish to learn how the spiritual side of things actually work.

In conclusion Ike means well but I feel he has been manipulated by black ops into writing a lot of gibberish. Take his main themes as correct.. but search for your own facts that can be correlated from unrelated sources. Once again prior 1984 material is best.

Cheers Dave


OH I didn't know that. Well there is the tricky part where you don't have access to the right information. yes I leave all the doors open until it has been proven false.

Any good books you have for me to read?

Shanti Joy

Hi List of Good Books and Videos (older ones) Most are on esoteric not really New Age... more generic to most paths..sources of info.

Dave’s Video + Book List


Many of the books on this list are becoming hard to find. 


Used book stores are an invaluable place to find some of the older esoteric books in general at low prices.


The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier; about various occult groups 1960

These two books are by the Psychic Mark Probert and getting hard to find.

The Magic Bag: A Manuscript Dictated Clairaudiently to Mark Probert link to purchase


E Yada di Shi’ite, Clairaudiently to Mark Probert  website http://www.soulwise.net/yada-00.htm this book is available from Amazon

The Jane Roberts Seth Speaks (I liked) and her books are not bad. I liked her book the Education of Over Soul Seven.. a fiction account of what a Spirit Guide deals with when helping out an earth plodder)

Ruth Montgomery books Books in General. She did automatic writing and was a well known news paper columnist. See Amazon. These books are easy reading and a good introduction those new in areas of Atlantis, ETs, Healing. Earth Changes, Past Civilizations etc.

Grandfather by Tom Brown Jr.

Awakening Spirits: A Native American Path to Inner Peace, Healing, and Spiritual Growth (Religion and Spirituality) by Tom Brown Jr. (This book provides a short cut method to stepping into spirit by passing the meditation approach)

A number of Tom Brown Jr.s books may be of interest too

Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack Paperback – August 1, 2011 by Dion Fortune  I did not buy any of her other books but this one was excellent.


Hearts in Atlantis (2001 director Scott Hicks) A good movie but theme of US government picking up Psychics

What Dreams May Come (1998 director Vincent Ward)

Babylon 5 TV series (aliens and earth interaction with one group called the Shadows and the other Vorlons  created 1994 creator J. Michael Straczynski )

The material is for those who are looking and enjoy.. Yes i have many others too..

Cheers Dave



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