I was wondering what you have to share about David icke and his theories.

Just whatever you like to discuss. Good or bad. Any topic.

I personally think he is on spot with the presentation of mass manipulation.

Shanti Joy

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As a reptilian seed, I am sensitized to all the harm his propaganda has done. Scapegoating, promoting hatred and fear, spreading disinformation. I can't say whether this is his intention, but I know this is the consequence, as I've seen it running rampant among his followers. 

But as a human being living in the same matrix of oppression as everyone else in this plane, I'm heartened to see someone inciting a mass resistance to the powers that be. It is also heartening to see that people are willing to entertain his ideas, as far outside the mainstream consciousness as they may be.

I generally agree with his political ideology, even if I resent the more pseudo-scientific conspiracy theories that are bound up in it. 

Which I don't understand the oppression everyone cries about.

No debt, getting paid for school, no rent to pay, awesome good food, an amazing degree of awareness, no health issues, living on a beach in California, no taxes (because I don't make enough to be taxed)

I think i will agree with you there partially Zaikan. It seems he focuses too much reptilian agenda, he has gotten dissolved in his own fear.

Now he spreads fear to the masses.

Fear of reptilians, notice how he speaks about them all the time, where they are, how they look etc.

Focus on the body, focus on the fear

He also shares some truths, but it seems to me like alex jones that he has gotten eaten by his own fear in the process. Just like that guy.

Now he spreads disinfo and fear.

Spreads the reptilian agenda, spreading fear, and hatred for reptilians.

Instead of spreading the love.

In turn working for what he hates.

I would be careful with that guy. He may have some deep truths - often disinfo people have that, but most he says will bring anger in you only.

He does the exact same as alex jones, spreading fear, disinformation

What he spreads most people cannot verify

A dangerous cult -- yes it is a cult!

For many in the western world, gone are the days of overt oppression. Such a system is inherently unstable. Power welcomes a challenge. Control is more useful. It has no direct influence, but it defines what can and cannot be done. A despot can put a gun to your head, sure, but government by fear will always be overthrown by revolution. A ruler would never have to apply the threat because he can tolerate your freedom. You can play the game and scrape for subsistence. You can play it well and live comfortably. You can refuse to play altogether. It's all within the plan. It doesn't matter to him what you do, what you think, how you feel, or how you live, because in the end, he still wins. He made the board, he established the rules, and he reaps the rewards. 

Or so the story goes. Those without agency will see victimization even if they are holding their own heels.

Some might perceive a kind of spiritual oppression. I personally don't believe such a thing can exist. Nobody can bind the spirit. We place those constraints on ourselves, and we can break them whenever we please.

Following the system is hardly oppressive if one elects to do it. It's not a choice that I would agree with, but it is their right to choose.

No, I suppose the oppression I resent is the power of nonhuman structures such as governments and cartels to order the deaths of millions for vain pursuits. To squander resources on monuments to ego and profit. To subvert science and enlightenment for the purpose of maintaining the illusions of control. To pollute the skies and seas, topple forests, fracture the earth. To corrupt entire ecosystems, drive species to extinction. These choices are made by few on behalf of the many, no matter whether we consent to this madness. Ultimately we will reap what they've sown.

Ha! Not intended as a correction so much as an explanation of my point of view. Different eyes looking at the same image will see very different things.

I was thinking about him the other day. I dont fully agree with him on all reptilian spreading negative stuff about them but yet I admire him. Have to agree with Zaikan there.

My impression if his information is that there are beings of this reptilian race in their lower states of consciousness that are the ones trying to invade this earth. As I understand it, it is a phase of evolution from the lower planes to the higher. And that there are evolved reptilians too. The problem as I see it is that they are manipulating people's free will in such a degree that it is violating.

I do think the only solution and answer is to raise ones own frequency and treat people from the law of one. If it is even necessary to understand exactly how it is happening or if one even can see it is conscious planning and behavior regarding the things that are happening in society like floradation of water, vaccines and creating weather changes. I don't know. Maybe they are all unconsciously doing these things but it all just seems so structured.

But if we all look within ourselves to our own ego we also carry these seeds within us. We are all one. So as I see it is all a part of evolution and that they are not evil or bad just in a more separation phase of evolution and more driven by fear.
Empress beyond infinity.
Good manifestation.

But just look at the wars, the starvation and child labor. The deforestation. The pollution. As a whole we are not living harmonious at all.

Shanti Joy
I think we all have different roles to play. He seems like an indigo here to bring down the systems that doesn't work. Warrior spirit. He is just one man. He just present one part of the puzzle. He doesn't have the whole solution, just playing his part in helping people to question what is going on.

But I can see the danger if people take his infomation as the ultimate solution and information and don't listen to other sources of information.

Indigos are often wrong, asleep, in fact most indigos are Asleep.

Only few indigos are awoken to their life purpose.

Until they awaken, they spread disinfo, and even dangerous info to others.

The indigos not awoken are those who need help from others often, act out on systems, and spread disinfo to many people by chosing the wrong life occupation.

So maybe he is indigo, but I still don't trust him fully yet

There is something strange on the way he presents his material

Neither does he look very happy

I would say he looks more depressed than happy, in what i've seen. So doesn't sound like he found his inner happiness yet.

In fact I got the fears from hearing him, yet I had faced my shadow before hearing him.

He keeps focusing on the reptilians and where they are, and they are everywhere.

Instead of empowering me, he disempowered me it felt.

The queen is reptilian, your loving gov is reptilian, your politicians are

aand there is nothing you can do

they shapeshift

etc ;)

Pure disempowerment it felt like... met disempowering agents before, plenty... like 20 of them

They usually leave you with a feeling of lack after being around them, even for 5mins.

While a person who speads angels words leaves you feeling empowered, like the world is beautiful.

Quite a difference.

If Icke is for real, he has gotten lost due to his own fear I think. It is possible.

Many indigos get lost and trapped in apathy, fear ,,, like it seems he has gotten

Then they keep focusing on hate, anger, and that there is nothing we can do, or that we should fight each day.

But then they just spread disgust,hate,apathy ... the lowest emotional rung.

Just what the reptilians want...

Okey Well i havnt seen to much of hos material bur so far i didnt experience that. That he is being very negative and spreading fear. I felt he tried to show to history and some actual facts. But I guess we all experience things differently from our own perspective. I will watch some more and see how I feel.

Shanti Joy

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