Ever since I've done meditations they have been filled with what appear to be minor and large electric shocks to my body. At first they were usually just minor twitches but gradually over time they have become stronger and stronger.

The minor shocks are as little as a single small muscle such as around the finger causing the finger to suddenly move in a spasm. The large shocks can be from a whole arm or leg to right up to causing the whole body to feel like it just go hit by lightning and causing it to jolt.

Also often after meditations, especially ones with the larger jolts, I'm left with small spasms on random parts of my body. Much like the one I'm sure many have experienced where your eyelid gets that strange twitch? They're much like that but throughout the body in many places.

I am curious as to what is causing this after just having one of the largest jolts I've had in some time during meditation. It caused my whole chest to fling up as if I'd just been zapped by a defibrillator, felt like it too although in a good way. It's left my chest feeling very alive and full of life that is for sure.

So far there's only three explanations that I can think of that seem to stick out the most.

The first being that it is a sudden influx of electrical impulses from the brain (though that just leads to the further question of why it would be doing that?).

The second is on a more energetic level, that perhaps the energy running around and through the body suddenly spikes in a certain area causing the cells in that area to get zapped.

The third being similar in a way to the second but on a more intentional level. That perhaps the individual cells on parts of the body are being hit by high frequency energy in a way to bring them closer to fully activating bit by bit. Like the body is preparing itself for transformation into pure energy.

Does anyone else have this often and what do you suppose is causing it?

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The Arcturian MAP Teams have been so loving and have helped save me from myself, at times. I AM so thankful for them.
A cleansing and activation of the cells would seem the most likely at the minute. Funny that you bring up the Arcturians too as they're one of a few groups I resonate with. Though whether they're fully involved with all of my shocks I'm unsure.
I am pretty sure this is nothing to be worried about! One thing is that you could be just ready love leave your body (out of body experiences) and this can sometimes be sensed in all sorts of different weird and not so weird feelings in the body.

Also, it could be that you are just feeling your energetic body! When I meditate, I start to feel my heartbeat better and better all over my body and for me, this is a "sign" that I am connecting with the rhytms of my auric field. Maybe the electric feelings are the same to you? :)

Much love,

Oh I'm not worried, far from it! :) I'm just curious to figure out the cause is all. If anything I'm quite happy with it.

I'm unsure if it's a sign of being able to leave my body. When I leave my body usually the first sign is a pulsation from within the center of my head that suddenly expands and contracts through my whole body. Then after a while the audio and visual signs start just before leaving along with the familiar sensations.

These jolts are much more on a physical level. They're literally causing my body to jolt. I do have a strong connection to electricity though in relation to my energy so it is related to my energy in some way I'm sure.
Hmm, mostly it will happen down the center of my body, chest area and so on. If I get it on any particular side I would say that perhaps the left is a little more common than the right but they're almost even.
I don't know where I remember reading this, but I heard that when you ask questions during meditations and you go through options, those twitches would be your higherself sending you confirmations (at least it's how I looked at it). It was odd at first cause I began thinking I may have insects crawling under my skin literally :rofl.

Thank God for the person who wrote a post, not sure if it was here or in abovetopsecret that I got that tho. The same person mentioned that signals also arrive through static on amplifiers aswell.

Hope this helps

Hmm,interesting thank you I will give that some experimenting and see. Sounds very similar to what I have been doing already, especially with the breathing into the area while flexing.

Was never actually sure where I started to do that, just started to do it one day mostly with my chest area at first. Infusing my breath with my inner energy for a certain area of my body and tensing the cells within that area without actually tensing the muscle (best way for me to describe it). That tends to result in a strange cold heat sensation arising in that area and expanding throughout my body in waves. These days it does that just thinking or speaking about it. I've moved on to doing it with my whole body now rather than a single area. I haven't been doing it as much with the breathing now though, it feels as though that was just a way for me to embedd my focus into it until I further mastered doing it by just thought and intent with the cells of my body themselves.


Ah yes I recall why I started doing it, it was to do with a white etheric like flame that flows mostly from my chest and hands that I can see. I started to realise that it was the energy of my core as I call it. So I started to just do that process as a way to cause it to flow out onto my body more until it engulfs it whole. From there I've come to understand the process more and feel it is the most logical way in order to start the process of my body transforming. For it to turn into pure energy, my white flame/core.

It's nice to meet another that is going through similar if not the same thing, you're the first I've met that seems to know about it and experienced it. Providing we're on about the same thing here of course. I'm sorry for that burst of random information also. lol

Thanks Scott and p1n, for sharing your experiences with this energy in the body. It sounds very similar to what I'm experiencing. The sensations for me start in the spine, very subtle vibrations that can be magnified by holding the body (and breath) in certain postures. The energy and breath seems to know what to do. During meditations, or even while sitting and typing out emails, the energy, as felt in the body, begins to grow in intensity. The body will begin to undulate and sway, contort and twist, as though it is wanting to squeeze the energy through every cell and fibre. It's a delectable predicament, an ecstatic emanation that is sometimes difficult to control in public. In some circles, this is referred to as Kundalini awakening. I found that the vibration in the spine, when it radiates out to the body, can cause some very interesting and sometimes chaotic shaking and extreme body locks...but very blissful!

Thanks again, for posting this thread! Looking forward to hearing more about this.
Your experience, Scott, of feeling like you're being zapped in the chest by a defibrillator happens to me only when I'm on my back. The air is forcefully sucked out of my lungs with a hissing noise and my back arches off the ground with head back. To me it is, as violent as it may seem, also incredibly blissful and does not worry me in the least, as my understanding and feeling of it is of energy from the spine (especially between the shoulder blades) pulsating out and to the heart and lung areas. I feel very energized and uplifted afterwards! It is energy that I believe helps in my creative life.

Aside from all the new age explanationations.. I was having this exact problem.. I was told the reason for this by a Japanese Ninjitsu Master.. He practices a sacred Fire meditation.. Seeing the flame of Love within you at ur lower Dan Tien and as you grow over the months/years so does this flame.. This flame transmutes you into Love to coonect to the Source or purify you for Ascension.


He said that if when you're meditating if you're actively grabbing the energy.. ie forcing it to grow (even subtley or subconsciously "wanting" it to) it actually changes the fire from the Flame of Love into a Burning Flame, this creates little build ups of energy and triggers twitching and jolting. If your twitches become jolts its because you must have awesome amounts of energy and what is a twitch for most becomes a jolt for you because of the greater output!


Me personally, I realised while meditating I deep down was hungering for MORE energy/growth... this action is like spiritual greed and causes the fire/energy to not flow freely, it gets knotted more easily and releases as a twitch.


To sum it all up.. try to let go deep deep down in yourself of any desired outcome.. You're obviously meditating for a reason, there's something you want to get out of it.. what ever that is let it go.. Just let the fire or your energy be.. let it grow at its own pace, don't force it, if you are unknowingly.. Search your soul and check to see if this is the case for you or not!!

I know for me it was..i wanted progress.. I didn't even feel like i was "desiring" it but fact is once I let go the twitching stopped and the Love energy exploded over the coming months.. the main thing for you to know is those twitches mean you're not making as much progress as you could be..


Free your system.. desire nothing.. let it just grow but don't care if it does or doesn't.. just "be".. You obviously have an awesome energy system to be generating enough for jolts..so try my advice EVEN if you don't agree.. and I guarantee you over time you'll feel like a new man, Love will literally exude from you!!


btw do you find you have a shorter temper or more angry or fiery after to 3 days after these jolts in meditation?? If so then for sure the energy has turned into Burning Flame energy..


I could be TOTALLY wrong IF the twitching has nothing to do with meditation and the meditation is just triggering something else BUT if it is solely from meditation then I'm pretty sure the info given is correct..

great... I just read all the others replies.. I see I'm in total contradiction.. i provide Balance I suppose.. anyway consider what I have to say.. I don't stick with the consensus and this advice is born from personal experience..

In anycase my heart is just to help you in any way I can my Brother!!


Love and Blessings,


I like that in you Johannes, I'm much the same. I don't follow the general consensus, as you call it, and rather work it out through self experience.


What you said is actually quite logical to me. In my meditations I can be a little more pushing of my energy to radiate outwards at its highest potential sometimes. In fact I just the last few days had been thinking along the lines of this.  The balance was a little off. I forgot for a while that everything has a specific frequency of light/energy that is suitable for them and any higher could be too much. It reminds me of angels to be honest, their energy capable of radiating very high and yet always so gentle with all that it contacts. So I've been allowing my energy to radiate but allowing that energy to filter to a gentle and calming level for each thing it contacts if it requires a lower vibration.


The twitches still do happen. I hadn't noticed any intense jolts for some time during meditations after having posted this blog though.


As for my temper... I haven't noticed a short temper or any anger after these jolts or twitches. It takes a lot to cause me to have a temper or become angry. Most would probably find it impossible. lol

Ok great then perhaps that "pushing" that causes the twitching. Growth is one thing u cannot force in the spirit realm.. it must happen at its own rate..but believe me I tried!! :P


Oh of course it would take alot to get an advanced soul angry.. I just asked because if the energy does well up wrongly its not an emotional reaction its like an energetic side effect..but its not happening so thats great..it grounding or filtering well enough anyway!! Thats good to hear Scott! :)


I like what you said especially about the Angels. soo true! I read that there are Angel from even higher Universes that are vastly bigger have soo much energy that if they were to gaze wholly upon our Planet it would just vaporise like a wisp of smoke! Luckily of Course they would never come down to this Universe/reality unchecked without their power cloaked..


Its an interesting point you bring up..I've often thought what happens when you send Pure Love energy to those in the Hell dimensions or Lowest realms wateva u want to call it... How do they recieve it..does it overload them? Is it dampened along the way like light through clouds so that only what they are able to use actually reaches them? interesting question isn't it?!

I often do the Metta Meditation and send love energy to those in the Hell Realms (as well as all other beings).. Buddhists seem to say it helps, I've read other sources that indicate this too..


I respect your wisdom and well said answer!


Much Love and Blessings to you my Brother!!

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