so many people I speak with refer to our life as something g that will inevitably happen . What so many fail to acknowledge is that we as humans have a hand in writing the script of our own future. History doesn't have to repeat if we don't let it. The earth is completely reliant on our method of repair. Yes, the earth will repair itself, but we too are part of this planet so we utilize not only our thoughts, but also our actions. If anyone has any know ledge of the chakras you would know what I am talking about by 'speeding up the wheels of time'. Each chakra resembles a moment in time. Since there is only soace, and no such thing as time these levels of energy have meaning, influence, and purpose. Right now it is our earth's water supply that is dwindling. The earth's lungs are in need of major re pair. We need to plant more trees where there are none attracting precipitation to that land. Next we need to fund organic farming. Monsanto the leading pesticide company who makes gmo food employs mercenaries to shut down organic farms we have to prevent this from happening by allowing no information of organic farms leaking. There's multiple different methods of farming. We should use all to reap the best benefits. Growing hemp is also good for earth along with mushrooms. These are a few ways to balance the earth.

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Best I can do is not litter. lol

then go ahead and drink sewage water.

Speaking of water supply shortage, I find it quite ironic that we are worried about this shortage in the US yet we have no problem urinating or defecating in fresh water. This really puzzles me. Why do we need fresh water for waste?

. . . I use my grey shower water to flush my toilet. Been doing this for over three years now. 

good point!!!!

As much as i disagree with your ways bubb i must admit that was pretty funny

how do u get the water form the shower to the back of the toilet?

     Lol, my higherself (Subconscious self) glanced at your name "Static" and guess which name first popped into my head as I read so quickly your name: "S-A-T-A-N-I-C" Not that that is a bad thing, it just says a little something, to me, about your comment.

     Look man (or woman) "Waste not, want not," my father always says. You get out what you put in so you must not have very much. At least from what you say. I am sure I am not the only one who assumes this either young one so you might want to be careful what you say. Unless, of course, you mean(t) what you said and don't really care. If this is the case, why even throw in any input at all?

     So, if you can not put back to mother earth at least what she gives you by "JUST NOT LITTERING" then you disserve an "F" for Effort and an "A" for disrespectful sarcasm to our great mother, though, I do not know why I am wasting my time with you because you obviously do not care enough about yourself so why should I?

Whoa! I'll start taking pictures of how Mother Earth communicates with me. Through my Native American heritage I've been connected with foxes, red tail hawks, and vultures. Mother Earth provides me with a number of things. I was trying to be funny but we all know how things can be misinterpreted on a forum. Anyways, I do give back and my own interpretation tells me that Earth appreciates that. If I could stop chem trails I would but I can't. Anyways, my higher self tells me that I get an "A", but we can agree to disagree.

That's great for you man. I'm still trying to get there myself. Everything I experience is in my head unfortunately. Sometimes I project my thoughts into live action. The things I see str haunting.

I was reading about the water shortage and it is frightening.  Changing the diet to plant base is also another great way to help out and heal the planet....Monsanto is frighteningly unethical to me how is this even legaL?

dont let this frighten you. Remember all of the battles we face today have been won. its not legal in my eyes. another that needs to be done is we need to stopbfunding the government. all our governments uses taxes for is buying more death weapons, and vehicles. The street i live on is in shambles so maintaining our infrastructure isnt a priority. its the people that care, and its the people who will ultimately get the job done. 



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