so many people I speak with refer to our life as something g that will inevitably happen . What so many fail to acknowledge is that we as humans have a hand in writing the script of our own future. History doesn't have to repeat if we don't let it. The earth is completely reliant on our method of repair. Yes, the earth will repair itself, but we too are part of this planet so we utilize not only our thoughts, but also our actions. If anyone has any know ledge of the chakras you would know what I am talking about by 'speeding up the wheels of time'. Each chakra resembles a moment in time. Since there is only soace, and no such thing as time these levels of energy have meaning, influence, and purpose. Right now it is our earth's water supply that is dwindling. The earth's lungs are in need of major re pair. We need to plant more trees where there are none attracting precipitation to that land. Next we need to fund organic farming. Monsanto the leading pesticide company who makes gmo food employs mercenaries to shut down organic farms we have to prevent this from happening by allowing no information of organic farms leaking. There's multiple different methods of farming. We should use all to reap the best benefits. Growing hemp is also good for earth along with mushrooms. These are a few ways to balance the earth.

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Best I can do is not litter. lol

then go ahead and drink sewage water.

I was reading about the water shortage and it is frightening.  Changing the diet to plant base is also another great way to help out and heal the planet....Monsanto is frighteningly unethical to me how is this even legaL?


dont let this frighten you. Remember all of the battles we face today have been won. its not legal in my eyes. another that needs to be done is we need to stopbfunding the government. all our governments uses taxes for is buying more death weapons, and vehicles. The street i live on is in shambles so maintaining our infrastructure isnt a priority. its the people that care, and its the people who will ultimately get the job done. 

Very true and thank you. But keep in mind. If humans destroy themselves and all life on this plannet. Remeber earth has been around for. Billions of years, and has survive allot. The earth will allwayd be here even if your gone.

. . . I'm tired of listening to people who are saying this problem is "bigger than themselves". I'm tired of listening to people who are blaming our government. I'm tired of listening to complaints in general. 

Your dollar is your vote. If you buy beef, you're saying it's okay they are torturing the cows, n feeding you a ton of antibiotics n growth hormones in the process.

You buy Nestle products, you're saying it's okay that you're draining all our drinking water resources for profits. 

When you do not buy local n organic, you are saying you're okay with being poisoned by Monsanto. 

When you are buying clothes, n products from slave labor (child labor), you are saying you're okay with that too. 

People need to stop pointing their fingers elsewhere, n point their fingers at their own chest. If we all stopped doing things, things would change nearly IMMEDIATELY. But, there are too many who do not care unless they are personally affected. And, let me say. . . they WILL be personally affected. One day they will turn on their faucet, n no water is going to come out. One day, they will try to turn on their lights, n there will be no electricity. 

It does not take a highly educated person (e.g. myself) to not see what is happening. But, I believe people are "purposely" avoiding what is happening. Their noses are in their iphones. Watching stupid reality shows on t.v. etc. 

I'm bracing myself ladies n gentlemen. I am watching n waiting. 

Btw, as I'm waiting, I am living a very sustainable life, n doing my best to not leave a footprint on this planet. . . 

Much love n hopefully showing some light to those who need their eyes open,


Problems like water food and little planetary issues are not your concern. You all have gairdians making sure those issues dont get out of hand, and will be stopped compleatly in 95 years from now. The nect generations wont have to worry anymore. This is the last lifetime you have to correct yourselves. After that your on your own. For the people who relise this matric you live in, shall be rewarded higher concesness. This reward is what you give yourselves, and the next generations to come. This will enable you to join us in helping many other millions of planets like yours go to the good side. And reach what you are trying to acheive now.

we need to show earth our love in order to.continue our stay. 

I just believe guardians need our help. I mean the way i see it. There is no.use in being a dark.energy. we as himan harness this dark.energy turning it into light. i dont refuse for my way of life to become primitive becsude other beings sy this is right. putting things in another entities hands is not a the way. These arent little planetary issues. This is an entire lesson to be learned, and if im the ine leading the charge then so be it. Ill do it alone if i have to. ill be the one offer my hand to the people who waiste away in darkness because i have unconditional love for ebery entity on this Planet. Watching the suffering is all to painful for me to bare any longer. 

All governments need to stop spraying harmful chemicals aka chemtrails. Geoengineering is one so harmful to the planet weather system. At this point if humans stop spraying all together the planet might get to hot and just start burning up. I agree with you that as a whole we need to cover the earth with green again. Instead many surfaces are black or metalic. If our oceans continue to get warmer all of the plankton will die...which means no oxygen. It is very alarming that this is going on. Also mars is gaining a magnetosphere...it is my belief that as mars gains its magnetosphere we are loosing ours here on earth. This is a topic that gives me daily anxiety. I love this earth and my family. I dont want the earth to die. It really upsets me to think that the decision makers, made the decision to remedy the earths temp without informing all of us to what they planned to do. I think if the leaders would have explained this to people of the world back 15 years ago when the problem was in its infancy we would have figured out a better way as a collective. Working with the earth...growing whatever wherever we could. But instead they spray aluminum barium and strontium into the air which in turn ends up in the soil water and Adventually the ocean. It is all so sad.

Thats great that youbdibt have a footprint. Im saying we need to.fund community farms. Plant fruit trees on the sidewalk so peoplr can eat walking by your house. Things if that sort. Lending a hand when we all need it most. 

. . . I do not even know where to begin with your reply, Angelo. Wow.

Part of opening up your "awareness" is not strictly on a Spiritual/Conscious level. It is also physical growth, n loving others by not doing them harm (ignoring problems is harmful). 

To my understanding, your reply is stating to leave it to others to fix what is happening? What if the job of guardians was to only "guide" you to do the things you should do to help this planet.

I'm not going to talk out of the side of my neck, to say that "I know" anything beyond this human existence. We "suspect" that we know, but we do not know anything for sure.

But, what we DO KNOW, is our actions have a HUGE impact on this planet. And, this planet will just shake us off like a bad case of fleas, n yes. . . be reborn again. 

If you have the idea in your mind to just "wait it out". . .  that means you have no problem seeing Millions suffer senselessly. I just cannot relate to that at all =(

I hope I misunderstood what you said. I really really do.


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