Hello dear star brothers and sisters, i am writing this post as Im trying to get an interpretation of what my dream means and wondrered if anyone could help see what it could mean. Here it goes: im in some sort of family reunion at my mothers house and we all decided to go outside for some reason. So i decide to go for a walk around the block, which is all quite resedential. As i turn round the corner if the road where my mum lives I spot an owl that has a cream coloured faced and light brown feathers on the body, sitting on a high brick wall fence. as i spot it, i decide to hold out my arm inviting it to come over to fly and sit on it, i was not expecting the owl to take notice. So the owl does quickly act and flies over to my arm for a brief moment. As the owl sits on my arm , a family member sees this as they go to their parked car on the road and looks amazed and carries on what theyre doing. Then i notice that the owl dugged it talons on my hang ( the left on) and left a small cut it and the it flew away. Then i go back and reunite with my family. Then i woke up.

I know people associate owls with knowledge, wisdom, psychic awareness and so forth but i dont know what all this means. I didnt feel threatned by the owl, yet when it tore a little the palm of my hand i felt it went off as it didnt want to tare anymore for some reason, like maybe its weight on my arm?

Id be grateful if anyone has had any similar dream and or could shed some light in what it could all mean.

Love and light

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Hi Ain Light, thanks for your reply. To me owls are beautiful and intelligent, intuitive animals. What i dont understand is what the digging its talons to my hand could mean. It made a big impression in my dream!



Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dream...
The Owl is an absolutely breath taking animal and to be honored with it’s wisdom and  presence in your dream….. Wow..…!!!!
You're  so blessed !!!

Having  the Owl spirit….. is a rare gift.
The Owl Spirit will teach you to see and hear past shadows. It will help you go beyond fear and darkness into illumination.
Follow your heart,
Be still and trust the process.
Peace and love on your journey ….
Shine On!
Peace, Love, Light ♥


Owl Symbolism – Deeper Meaning of Owls

Hi Ain Light, My hands for me are crucial for many things i love to do, like being creative with cooking, making jewellery, healing, typing , driving etc...

I'm with my 8 month old daughter watching a Kiddies Tv Show today when out of the blue an Owl was shown just like the one in my dream, I think its no coincidence!

Another thing that  I might have worked out that the Owl may be my little daughter, shapeshifting in the dream as on Owl. There are some things I think these are so, firstly, her nails grow long and she likes to dig them into my hand innocently, just like the Owl in the dream. Another reason is that I have seen her in other dreams as animals, she has a fascination with animals and more so with birds! Another reason is that she appears to be very wise beyond her existance, perheps its her way to seeing me in the dream worls. This is one possibility. Many thanks for your advice! :)


Hi Lucia, thank you so much for the lovely picture of the Owl and the link to more info its symbolism, this looks very similar to the one in my dream!

All I can say is that I feel priviledged to have encountered a beautiful Owl in my dream, and its multiple meanings I can relate to.







Left hand represents your recieving/femanine side. Owl is a good omen, magic, psychic abilities...as you well know the rest........with your family at a reunion, my question to that is how "aware" is your family...and I have a feeling the scratch in  your hand, blood being the massive individual record keeper of all of our lives here, (DNA to be specific...) anyway, the scratch says to me that it's time to awake to the power within you.  A spirit animal with that particular message. 

Then again, this is all just speculation.:D

Hi Soulflame, thanks for your answer, yes that also makes sense. I think dreams like these are so powerful that alot of info is there for us to feel, sense, interpret. It would be too easy if i were just told in my dream, symbols can say more than words, and that is how our subconcious communicates with us.
Namaste sister x

I'm not good at dreams, so I'm apologizing beforehand. I grew up in a Mexican culture, where owls are not the nicest creatures. You and your dream do not seem malevolent, though.


I feel like you are gaining spiritual truth. Owls are full of wisdom, and those cuts on you were really the wisdom going inside you. Have you been learning or realizing things a lot lately?


Again, as I'm not a dream interpreter, I could be way off, but for some reason this post resonated with me. Owls are so full of wisdom.

Hi Toci, its good to hear different views on this dream and Owl symbolism. I too felt that the owl may have passed me some knowledge along or a wakeup call of some kind.
Namaste x

Toci said:

I'm not good at dreams, so I'm apologizing beforehand. I grew up in a Mexican culture, where owls are not the nicest creatures. You and your dream do not seem malevolent, though.


I feel like you are gaining spiritual truth. Owls are full of wisdom, and those cuts on you were really the wisdom going inside you. Have you been learning or realizing things a lot lately?


Again, as I'm not a dream interpreter, I could be way off, but for some reason this post resonated with me. Owls are so full of wisdom.

Thank you Montana for your insight into this dream.


I would need to research the type of Owl I had seen in my dream. It was around twilight in my dream when I saw this Owl, but I feel the Owl saw me first and then I saw him/her.

I did feel that I was not scared of being attaked by the Owl, its beauty and grace caught my attention and all I knew is that I wanted try and see if by chance the Owl would fly to my arm if I raised it horizontally , like a perch.

The tear in my hand, now I know how I feel after the dream, it was an opening of some sort to recieve whatever the owl was imparting on me, it could be knowledge. I will try and research and see the type of Owl this one was/is.


I shall do this research and post it here, as a thanks for evryone for helping out on this dream interpretation.

I realise that I seem to see Owls on TV or pictures about every other day, and it is also this type of Owl with a creamy face and brown body!


Love and Peace

Namaste xoxo

Montana said:

first = i will share with you - YOU were GIVEN this dream .... the reasons may be few, or many - but it may be important for you to understand - what type of OWL it is that sat on your arm, & also learn the characteristics of that specific breed, then perhaps you may apply those specific OWL traits to the knowledge held within the dream for even greater meaning(s) ....


second = i will share with you my thoughts (but remember it would benefit you to learn more about this on your own) .... the representation of this owl that of being "highly adaptive" (most owls are nocturnal - sounds like this is one of the non-nocturnal of the species) .... btw - there are more than 200 species of owls .... but because it is your dream, you will recognize the type when you research it ....


also, the owl, as a carrion, can turn its head 270 degrees - meaning it can see anything around them without moving their bodies (maybe some meaning - as that not only did you "see" the owl - but the owl "SAW" you)


then there is this dynamic with the family member - taking "little notice" even as this interactive experience was happening right before their own eyes - WOW !! - what a strange & unique experience you were engaged in & your own people couldn't "SEE" what was really happening....i.e. talons making a mark on you - - - - which is yet another point


owls use their talons to kill prey - only you weren't 'prey' but there was some endearing quality the owl could 'SEE' in you & that same quality doesn't exist in other family members (or at least the one family member)


- - - - here is the BIG QUESTION .... what "mark" was the owl leaving? 


was it a mark of 'knowledge' that you may be given a special knowledge that others are unable to comprehend?  - - if so, what is this specific knowledge & what is its use?  use to you?  use to others?


what other meanings could be associated with this "mark" .... or scratch?




interesting dream - thank you for sharing




~ namaste ~





Short Eared Owl, this is the same kind of Owl that I saw in my dream, I confirmed it with my Pendulum






  • Short-eared Owls have an uncanny ability to find areas with high prey concentrations and they gather in large numbers at these sites. They may nest in these areas instead of returning to their traditional nest sites.
  • The male’s courtship flight includes audible wing clapping.
  • Owls that are more active during the day, like Snowy Owls, Burrowing Owls, and Short-eared Owls, tend to have more noticeable color differences between the sexes, although it is usually subtle. This is known as sexual dimorphism.


The planetary Origin for Owls is Arcturus, according to Jo Amidon’s , "Where are you from"

If I join this up with the fact that I had a tare in my hands from the Owl's talons, I have confirmed that it is a postive implant left by the Arcturians. As I have been in communication with them lately and before I had the dream. I asked them if they would appear in a dream and they said yes, but I dont recall seeing any partucular Arcturan being in their true form. Also when I was checking for negative implants, I had confirmed that I had some Sirian and some Arcturan positive ones totalling 5, I have gained 3 more since this dream!


I thank everyone for pointing me to the right direction as to understanding this dream!

I shall try to contact the Arcturians when I have quiet time and I am better ( I've got a nasty cold infection!)




While I was visiting one of the most amazing crystal shops I have been to, called the Crystal Castle (Byron Bay, NSW Australia) which is nestled amongst a semi tropical forest, it has large cathedral cornices opening into a gorgeous varandah clad with the most exquisite solid hand made tables and seats for coffee and bisquites. While inside looking at their most amazing, jaw-dropping display, I noticed an owl perched on the varandah rail, looking at me.  I was admiring it, so close to humans, when all of the sudden it flew inside towards me, crashed against the glass display next to me and fell at my feet. I freak and picked it up, but it soon regained it's senses and flew off. It was a Tawny Frog Mouth Owl. It was a surreal experience, I felt a connection with this being, like it knew me and my thoughts, I knew it was an experience to be taken seriously for I knew that it had a very powerful message for me. Wish I could have understood what it was saying to me while perched on the varandah, it would not have gotten hurt :(


He had a message for me: I was being deceived. To pay attention to the signals and omens. Keep an eye on my property and my loved ones.


Messages may appear either in the form of dreams or the physical. Symbolizing of dreams maybe for a future event, and the physical as something which is happening on the factual time.


Owl is very wise and it has never failed me, it would come and bite my behind if it has to.

Many other stories with Owl Energy, but I can honestly tell you all, it speaks the truth every time.





Time and Space.


Does the truth emerge?

Casting out deception,

Silent flight,


Sacred Medicine Bird."



Blessings of peace and awareness



Wow Natura, that is an amazing encounter with the Owl (hopefully he/she is alright after crashing against the glass!) and thanks for sharing it here!

Did your friend look like this?

They look very cute!


Namaste x



Yes! Gorgeous creature.

Hope it's well too.


Take heed Number11.



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