Has anyone ever dreamed in another language than own native language?
I dreamed in Turkish, Russian and Chinese yesterday... Weird for me... Dreams for me are usually in my own language...

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I never have, but when I was young I slept over at my Sunday-school teacher's house. In the middle of the night I was woken up by her youngest son (my age) shouting battle cries in another language. When I told her about it the next day she said "Oh I forgot to tell you he does that. Once I recorded what he was shouting, and it translated into Old Norse as 'Press the attack, forward brothers forward!'"

More recently I was speaking with the Arch Deacon, and she confessed speaking in tongues to an aboriginal man in another region of the country. When she was done he said "I didn't know you could speak Cree!" She swears she's never learned that language, and considering her profession I believe her without question.

I have to add that it was only Turkish and Chinese, I tried remembering the dream better...

Quite an experience that is Leppender... In my case I did have contact with Turkish people, less with Chinese, am stuck a bit with the Chinese part of the dream... :(

Anyhow I am not understanding... Don't know if to dig any further...

I believe there is a key to language, some sort of vibration primer that connects all living things in order for them to communicate. I have also heard multiple witness testimonies to a single event where several Ojibwe elders sat with a bear, and had a 2 way conversation with it in their own language.

Old languages carry notes of cosmic truth. Chinese is an old one, and I think Turkish as well. It's even been said that learning certain combinations of language will enable a person to understand every language on Earth.

The mother of that boy I mentioned was a Christian Sunday-school teacher, but even she was convinced that her son was experiencing past life memories. Perhaps you are connecting with relatives of a past life, or even genetic ancestors whose lives remain intact through your DNA. At any rate I don't see any reason why you shouldn't pursue this.

If you think the dreams will come again keep a voice recorder next to your bed, and when you wake start listing words that you remember. Later you can track down the meaning using a translate website.

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