Dream of twin gates and the collapse of the universe

This is another dream I had a long time ago. The title was the most clever and blockbuster cinema type thing I could think of, but the details of the dream were nothig short of epic.

I was in this endless field of grass, and it was day time, though in this space there wasnt a sun in the sky. there was a general pinkish orange hue to the space and the field stretched endlessly in all directions. In the field, there was a long row of people of all kinds. Everyone an individual with their own looks, and the row stretched out on both sides farther than I could see. Across from this row of people, about fifty feet away was another row of people, nearly identical to the first row, but just slightly different. Their clothers wereba different color, but they were otherwise exact clones of the peraon directly opposite them. In the very middle of each row of people, there was this door shaped figure of light. Shining in neon color and had symbols on it that i couldnt recognize, and there was this sound emanating from the structure. A sort of aoft hum that sounded like all sounds being heared at oncex but quiet. Closest thing i can compare it to is the Om. I had the sense that this structure of light was GOD, and it was at the middle of the endless row of people. Across from this gate, I called it a Gate, was another just like it only sifferent color, just like all the people had their twin across from each other. Then the two rows started moving towards each other. As they got closer, I focused on the two Gates and just seconds before they touchedx thought that this was going to be very bad. The two gates collidedx but they kept moving forward in the direction they weregoing, going through each other and expanding out in all directions. Within just moments of them meeting andexpanding, every person around began to run for their lives as the space wasbeing swallowed up. I tried to run too but felt myself getting swepped off myfeet and carried off like in a tornado. I looked to my right and there was this sort of plane along side me with an array of squares, all looked like different paintings. I saw one that looked beautiful and thought to myself "THAT ONE" and reached my hand out to touch it before it was too late. Each square represented a different world. As soon as I touched the square, in a blink I was in another place. Another open field like the one before it all got swallowed up, except there was a train track going on for miles. The only other person who was there was a man, and it seemed like he was kind of like the architect in The Matrix movies, but he looked ordinary. I talked to him and asked him a question about the life that was just destroyed. In the dream before all this happened, I was a werewolf and there was another guy who was a werewolf with me, and we both enjoyed playing guitar. I asked this architect guy if there was any way next time around to make playing guitar easier, and he replied not so much in words, but with thought that I was a fine enough guitar player and shouldnt worry about it. Then I asked him if he was open to suggestions for the next time the world was to be made and he welcomed it, so i started to think of something cool to be put in. I started working on this idea of having an ability of mind for listening to music. Instead of having to buy cds and uploading them to a computer and then having to transfer them to an ipod or play them through speakera, we would have the ability to just think of asong and have it vibrate through the airwaves, like theme music in a movie. It was the most cheatcode thing i could think of. While I was doing my best to think of what to make, I saw a long line of people line up before this guy, single file and they all had a question to ask. The one guy in front asked something like "Can you tell me about what I said back in 1877" or something loke that. Like he had this one memory of a long time ago and needed his one answer about it. Then it occured to me that all these people were there to just ask a question and Im lucky to be off to the side thinking of cool things to make when everything restarts. I must have gotten carried away with that thought and in another blink I was in another world.

I was in the middle of a baseball field, up by the pitchers diamond, and there was a game in play. But I noticed as the pitcher threw the ball that everything was just off. It was a weird twisted bizarro world version of the game and I started to wonder what was going on. I walked off the field to the entrance of the stadium where people were lining up to get in and I asked someone in line what the object of the game was, what the rules were. They replied to me in a gibberish sort of language that made no sense, and I looked up at the main sign in the stadium to see what the name of the game was and the words were jumbled and didnt make any sense. It seemed like I was the only one there who remembered the world before and how things were and now im in this messed up bizarro land and all I could think, with a kind of facepalm humor, was to the architect, "What in the hell kind of world did you make this time?"



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