Recently I had a dream I aquired a job at a cafe where I would also be living.  I was preparing my room and arranging my furnishings.  One of the items being an antique wooden bookcase with the top being a type of safe.  It was very much to be described as being the same size as me.  It was not polished but very worn, painted and worn back to nearly just wood but with much sign of wear, a little wobbly and grimy.  But I very much liked this piece although I was a little embarrassed to allow others to see it.  But I could not find the door to the doorway and decided to place it in front so as to block the entrance.  I had to get to work so decided its just how its going to have to be for now.  I decided I needed to lock the safe and the key appeared in my hand.  The lock mechanism was made of wood shaped like a thread spool and stained black.  I inserted the key and turned it.  As I did this the lock became loose and I was able to remove it and take it with me.  As I did this a number came to me like a combination I needed to remember.  It was 0149.  I decided I should write this down as my number memory is quite terrible.  I began to write and as I glanced back, the number was different as it was in my head.  I kept trying for what seemed like forever, getting frantic, my paper was nearly full of useless random numbers.  I wanted to cry, but I had to go to work, I had to let this go.  As I entered the kitchen I met up with my co-worker.  Very open, sweet, unpretentious kind of girl.  She made me feel very comfortable, and since the number thing was still bothering me I asked her if she could write the number down for me hoping I had even remembered the combination correctly.  I gave her the paper and pen and she wrote down the number and handed it to me.  I looked at it and it still was not 0149.   We both then began trying a few more times without any luck.  I was no longer frantic  and though, well, that's just how it is I guess and went to find my boss to see what needed to be done.  The first thing she said to me was "I don't know about that girl, she doesn't seem too bright."  She was talking about my co-worker and I realized she must have told her about the difficulty of writing the number.  Immediately I felt guilty and worried that I had put her into a "bad light" in front of the boss.  I wanted to explain what had happened but she was not in a listening mode and annoyingly asked why I hadn't closed my door.  As I was trying to explain, she moved my shelf inside and pulled the door closed!  How did I not see the door!  How stupid I was feeling of my first day.  She also decided to let me know she did not agree with the soft yellow paint I had chosen and made sure I was going to repaint it a pale gray blue.  I felt defeated, but I was going to continue to try to do my duties, and put aside my personal desires. Then I awoke.


Ive come to a few conclusions about this dream myself, but for some reason felt I wanted to share, as this dream came at a time when I was "remembering" who I am.  I remember many of my dreams in great detail and feel this is where much of my "connection" comes to me.  I love hearing of other peoples dreams too, especially when they are highly emotionally charged.  I would love to share some of my most special dreams, but I do hold back.  Most of my dreams give me the message of being patient, being confused and demand clarity, but ultimately I must wait for the right time for all to be revealed.   I dream so much and would like to share so much but I'm not so sure anyone really needs to even learn about my dreams, LOL.  So I guess I'll just keep going until I feel a NEED to share again.  I think most of me wants to share the more beautiful and magic dreams in hopes they will feel the same safety and comforting messages, but in the past it hasn't felt as though anyone else CAN benefit, as the dream was a message to ME, but then again I wasn't telling the stories to other starseeds either!    As I write this I am beginning to notice a pattern in my habits... hhmmm

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