A friend of mine told me once, the Draco Empire has only 2 minor planets allied to the bad guys and the majority of negative reptilians come from Orion. This is shocking information for me, for I have read dracos are responsible for the destruction of the lyran colonies, and all reptilians, bad and good descended from the draconian ciakars.
And the most interesting thing that my friend have told me: orions are waring with the dracos, because dracos have extremely advanced technologies, and orions want those technologies.

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Miss Koytraz (Lilith) said:
Two last questions Appolymi do the alpha dracos can shapeshift into human form too? Was it them that wrecked Lyra not the dragons from Orion?

their shape shifting is complex. its a mix of manipulating the person who sees them, tech, and some of the ability they have naturally. (naturally being the physical structure changing of there body) to get this, one must understand the ability to change someones perception of how they sees the world around them. this is more manipulating mental thoughts of the person. many ets have this acutely.even some of us here on earth can do this if trained enough. their tech also helps their shape shifting into humanoid form to a degree. this helps some of the physical features the tail, wins, iris shape. if they have them the maw. physically dracos ,alpha draco even reptilians can change their skin color to a point there eye color. this is from what i have seen..there is still much more i want to see from them.

as for them attacking lyra i have little info on that. only on what interactions if have had with the dracos, dragon kin, past memories, and the knowledge the ETs and star seed parents wish to share.

i do know of tall white ETs that classify as grays living on the moon. i know the dracos have contact with them. but there are many ETS that do not visit earth or have contact with earth so its hard to say.
@Appolymi thank you so much for the detailed explanation :) loved reading it. Yeah as time proceeds we will know for sure the truth.

This drawing is wonderful, thank you positive! I feel familiar with this draco. I can bet, I was too a draco a very long time ago.
It is amazing Positive

positiveevitisop said:

did you draw this pos?
From my understanding most of the Draco rules and even underlings are controlled by a dark luciferian AI, however that said there's always a possiblity of Draco breakaway societies not being of evil intent. The dracos are best viewed as an empire, a conquering people who occupy many different star systems. Also Orion still till today is more of a battle ground rather than to totally owned system, it's been like this for 100's of thousand of year if not millions. Not all Orians are negative and not all Orians are Draco/Reptilian.
Personally I would question the integrity of any Draco that choose to make contact with me claiming to be positive, learn the basics of the hieros gamos (by Lisa Renee) to help with your discernment and basics of energy testing.
Energy signatures are quite distinct and once you can clearly understand the difference between yourself and others, you will also feel the intent of the entity contacting you.
As I've recently being honing in my natural skill of an intuitive empath, I've had much contact with being's claiming to have your highest good at heart and often times they can be tricksters or deceiver's. If you sense that when an entity is in your presence send them away with love and light but be assertive of your personal sovereignty and God self.

In conclusion :
Support your friend, get them to see a clairvoyant with an understanding on starseeds and allow them to read the energy signature of his soul ( and even any entity attachments ). Many people can be convinced they're a "type" of starseed due to entity attachments. And as this it the mission here I feel this is most important.

Instead of looking to the sky's for answers have him look inside his self, as above is below. I've never met a starseed I truly believe has made contact without first clearing there own personal space. Do more internal meditation and less reaching out meditations and I promise when they know you're ready for such contact, they will initiate it, but only upon a soul that can stand the strain that comes with contact from higher dimensional being's.

Thank you for reading my words, I hope they help you and your friend.
Love and light.

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