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Are you void dragon too Areshe?
Hey gorgeous Krish I though I would let you know one of my star distant female ancestress was a white feline who married a white Dakeem dragon with greyish silver eyes. Both were human shapeshifters and had blonde hair. Their son married a blue skinned sirian/dragon woman.
I thought you were male my bad. The description you have of them my grand son in law name Miore who has purple eyes looks like that :) but I never got the chance to ask him where he is from. He was a human dragon shapeshifter.
Wowl :) that is amazing I was incarnated as a male once and was in love with a beautiful woman. When she found out I was a feminine soul we never resumed the relationship but remained friends. Yeah that sounds similar to Miore's kind he is black but has purple glow to him just the way you described void dragons.
Sour stuff :3

Hmm that's interesting indeed! My soul family is white lions, and I'm the only tiger, I am also Sirian as well! I imagine the culmination of my spirit guides and the love which never leaves me as a big, blue and gold shimmering chinese dragon with a feline like face. Who are the Drakeem? I haven't learned too much about my dragon roots yet, but I did just write a poem. I will post it below :)


I am just a boy.

A boy in a big world.

I am just a world.

A world in a big boy,

Burned by men’s big toys,

Turning against each other.

We forgot that we were brothers.

Siblinghood is just a way to say we are united.

Really, there is no ‘other’ at all.

No reason to be frightened.

And if we took it back in time,

The good old days never existed.

No, they didn’t.

Not if you didn’t wish it.

This is all here for me, just for me.

My lonely old perspective.

I am free, ancient, and hectic.

The soul of a billowing chinese dragon,

Flies like a ribbon through my very spirit.

One is the other,

But from me you didn’t hear it.

The young is the old.

A wrinkly baby,

And a wailing old man.

The gun has been sold,

To the failing collective fam.

Are they stars and stripes?

Or explosions and bars?

I’m tired.

But let’s clean the debris.

As for the bar, I’ll have to set mine higher.

Like I said, you didn’t hear it from me.

For I am just a boy.

A boy in a big world.

Young dragon boy,

Is also his pearl.

Dakeem are white dragons with silver grey eyes. They have a huge influence in Orion and are dragon leaders there. All are human shapeshifters and are very very beautiful to look at. All are vegan by nature they also alot in the Pleiades.
You welcome dearest :) the problem is the vegetables here don't have same nutrients like the one's back home. They are not as strong

Genetics are a piece of your physical body. Yes everyone has genetics but not everyone has E.T. genetics or "Dragon" genetics.

That doesn't make any sense man. We are not everything, we are third density beings and can only be one thing at a time.

If you're logic is correct, you're saying that it's true for me to say "Oh, I feel like I'm house fly today, I have house fly genetics. I'm a house fly!" is actually correct even though, I have absolutely no house fly genes.

I don't see how you rationalize that.

That still does not mean you are a hybrid. If you are in the United States of America, I'm sure you would be sought out by either our government or other worldly beings. My heart rate and body rate are also unusual but I am 100% human.

However, after seeing your eyes and physical traits, I think you might be correct. Reptilian hybrids tend to have a RH negative blood type, and have reddish hair and pale skin. If what you are saying about your body temperature and such is true that would makes sense.

I'm curious to know have you ever had any encounters with E.T.'s? Has this part of your life drawn attention from the government. And are you energy sensitive and kind of naturally good at meditation or things like it.

The worst bit is I am anemic and need iron foods. They are not that strong the foods here.



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