it took me about 19 years to figure out what i was. it was confusing do to my physical body having dna of draco and a dragon but my soul is dragon. my family history led me to the draco dna and dragon.. and i learned my soul was dragon when i was 15ish even though i did not have full grasp of to the awaking and dna changing in bodies i would like to compare notes of physical anatomy, health problems, foods i should eat or stay way from, problems with energy and abilities that come from there races. skin care? please help :(

iam having issues with foods just in the last few years. with grains, corn and some fruits and veggies. i have had 3 years of testing of bacteria, endo scopy colon oscopy and they said all test have come back normal! but iam having issues eating. its like my body goes into a false allergic reaction :( for some reason iam intolerant to chocolate but only some times... i have talked to a few black dragons and they all seem to have the same thing. but i dont know what sub species they are of black dragons there are a lot out there. the other dragons i spoke to had no problem of eating it.

iam always on the boarder line or low end of iron and metals in by body. lately my vitamins seem to be hurting me..:( it makes my nerves feel like there on fire and my body heavy.

my skin is always needing moisturizer i never use to have such a problem. as of 2 weeks ago i have developed a odd ability to taste things i put on my skin! lotion, shampoo, things i touch... i know this sounds crazy but its a problem -.- also i feel like if i put heavy oil on my body like coconut or olive i feel like i can not breath.

seeing in ultraviolet light spectrum...this switches on and off. new colors are fun :) i have had infrared moments also when my instincts kick in.. every time i look at clouds i see rainbow hue in them constantly.

sense of smell is ridicules..i can track friends in a store down the paths they took on a good clean sinus day. also i can smell pheromones. like if they have a kid i can smell there parents sent in there chemistry. i have to know people for a while to get there sent down before i can do this.

my eye can sliver at times of excitement or high energy ...been hard to get it on camera i have one pic and it was bright as hell. they also change color depending on my moods from sapphire blue, green, gray, yellow to yes reddish brown. normal eyes are blue out side and green on the inside of iris some times with yellow slivers between the 2 if iam getting upset. here is a horrible pic of me! iam sorry to scar your eyes...but if you look at my eyes this is what happen when i took my cloak hood off and my eyes adjusted..i can feel when my eyes do this cuse instead of them just shrinking it feels like my eye is squeezing side ways in wards on both sides. never seem to happen when i want it to i have to be relaxed but i feel like a have a second lenses of some sort.

i have been having issues with ghost limbs. my wings tail and 2nd set of ears have been known to get enough energy to knock thinks over,, hit against things and what not. but iam having physical pain in the areas, exspcaly my tail area. half way in the hips i have a odd curve out wards and a sudden 2 bone dip curve inwards and continues in but i have a extra bone in my tail bone :( all i know is it has always been sensitive even to the touch and almost over stimulates my nerves in that area when i lightly press on it. also the way my teeth are shaped for my jaw is odd all my dentist are like ??? they are normal in the front but my molars tilt in slightly and the bone towards the jaw curved out ward wide a bit.

i guess that's all for now...but if we are all star seeds should we not be figuring out our physical bodies and learning what is our kind and how to live our lives by
chemistry of our real genetics? that is something that has always confused me about sites. problay more info than anyone wants to know about me but what ever XD....

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The worst bit is I am anemic and need iron foods. They are not that strong the foods here.

I'm "otherkin" however, I can pretty much eat anything as long as it doesn't give me a stomachache, but that's more to do with my body rather than what I am in my core. My people don't require food, it's more of just a luxury if we decide to eat. Though our "children" in terms of creation (like void dragons is one) they eat meat, vegetables, and fruits for the most part.

i use to be able to eat everything under the sun but last 3 years it suddenly changed. as for not eating for the soul energy is easily available to naturally feed off of. some times when the earths energy is very high i have no desire to eat human is tasteless and has no flavor or energy it feels stale or stagnant. thank you for the info of the void dragons :) if you have any more please feel free to share.

Though they aren't from a planet so I usually label them otherkin rather than starseed. They exist in their own pocket realm that resembles a almost purple plasma like sky, they don't have humanoid forms just full western dragon form. Tend to be black scales with a purple belly or vice versa or solid black, some are black with a dark purple hue.

cool ..thank you :)

Are you void dragon too Areshe?

Not necessarily just mother of sorts to a species of them, but myself am more of an embodiment.

I thought you were male my bad. The description you have of them my grand son in law name Miore who has purple eyes looks like that :) but I never got the chance to ask him where he is from. He was a human dragon shapeshifter.

My true self is genderless but first form taken was female when took on a somewhat human form so it's kind of the dominant "essence" there. And yeah they had purple eyes also lol.

Wowl :) that is amazing I was incarnated as a male once and was in love with a beautiful woman. When she found out I was a feminine soul we never resumed the relationship but remained friends. Yeah that sounds similar to Miore's kind he is black but has purple glow to him just the way you described void dragons.

grey eat fruit and other yummy stuff

i have meet a few grays but never sat down and had dinner with them lol. i am interested in many races they favor any type of fruit or veggies?



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