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That's so interesting. Your right we should be focusing on learning things about our bodies.I know draconian people can't have black pepper but I don't know anything about Dragon species.

Your Dragon soul Craves Meat and blood ?
Love and Blessings

Hi alot of dragons are vegan :)

grey eat fruit and other yummy stuff

Ugh lol. I know the feeling. Periodically I get psychotic cravings for meat if I dont eat enough of it.

i use to be able to eat everything under the sun but last 3 years it suddenly changed. as for not eating for the soul energy is easily available to naturally feed off of. some times when the earths energy is very high i have no desire to eat human food..it is tasteless and has no flavor or energy it feels stale or stagnant. thank you for the info of the void dragons :) if you have any more please feel free to share.

Wow thank you for making this post, this is exactly what i needed to read.
I learned recently that I am a hybrid of Feline and Dragon energies.
So, I've known I was Feline most my life, I'll just start with these bodily sensations, then go on to what I speculate may or may not be dragons.

FELINE- The biggest thing for me, was my eyes sensitivity to light. I HAVE to wear sunglasses while driving, and on bright days like today. Even at night, all the headlights hurt my eyes(i don't wear shades then though, that'd be risky lol). Also, I enjoy being in the dark a lot. I will take showers in the dark, close all my blinds, just to get comfortable. That was definitely the biggest thing for felines. The eyes. But I also caught a glimpse of a ghost tail once too. I can feel my ghost whiskers a LOT. They are a very prominent sense in felines, and that is also why we wear our expressions, we will snarl, smile, accordingly, because we can actually feel that, with our ethereal whiskers, and that sends the message to our face and brain. I find myself stretching, yawning, behaving like a cat. Especially in moments of emotional excitement. If I'm frustrated I growl, if i like someone a lot, I like to touch them a lot, very very affectionate, and tuned into the sense of touch, even to the point where it will be awkward. I also have very unique teeth. Very defined canines, especially on top. So much so, that I'm actually missing the two teeth symmetrically between my front teeth and canines, giving even MORE emphasis to the canines, and a feral appearance. However, I do wear a retainer with two fake teeth, in order to look normal lol. 'Coincidentally' enough, the retainer is tiger print :) Some of my premolars also resemble carnassials slightly. Felines also have feline like or almond shaped eyes too. My eyes are deep, dark, pretty and piercing. I will put a pic up too. My nose is big and regal, like a big cats. I often have allergies and sinus infections like most seeds do. One more thing I noticed about the feline smile, it is kind of like a snarl. There are two, regal smile lines trailing from the corners of our noses to the corners of our lips.

DRAGONS- I also have a very bad back, and I believe that may be because our souls are used to carrying tails, so they overcompensate in the vertebrae, giving us backaches. I think that may be especially for Chinese Dragons, and other serpent body-type beings, since we were so used to flying through the sky and letting the wind carry our entire bodies whichever way. I think I may also have an extra vertebrae, as I woke up one morning with a bony bump in my coccyx.

I have also had very bad acne my whole life, resulting in scars. Not sure if this has anything to do with being seeded, but it probably does, lol since everything is a pattern. I think the main reason for that is my diet.


Ahh that's awesome! I used to make nests as a kid too! Lol I would call them gorilla nests. I was also definitely a dinosaur-obsessed child, loved them lol. Oddly enough there was a lot of dinosaur-focused media growing up (Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time, Barney etc.) Hm as for the no light getting to your eyes, maybe that may have to do with Carian(bird) DNA as well, who were the parent race of reptilians. Eagles and other birds of prey who fly close to the sun have something special in their eyes that lets them look directly into the sun, and this would explain your cool feathers as well :)

I've never been on the astral to be honest, so I can't say what my body is exactly. Although, I imagine it would be a mix between a chinese dragon and a tiger, since I've found those to be my two poles.


And maybe that is why our backs hurt as well, because of the wings, or the nonexistent in the physical wings.

How so? How is it an identity issue?

We all have all genetics. It's just the ones that are activated, that express themselves.

As above so below, so we are everything.

cool ..thank you :)

Try eat tofu or lentils instead of meat. One of the race I am mixed with is known Dakeem dragons they are white dragons who are vegan. Then there is redskins who look like Mediterranean / middle eastern in their humanoid form and Zohrapur dragons who are black skinned who are vegans too. Alot of Orion dragons who are of love and light are vegan. Somr living in Alnilam star too.
Are you void dragon too Areshe?



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